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Ear jackets are one of the biggest earring trends as of lately. Laura Bicego of Nanis being the fashionista that she is, it's no surprise she's already ahead of the trend. These ear jackets from the Dancing in the Rain collection are playful and quirky, and can be worn two different ways.



Ear jackets are made up of three pieces. The front earring is a normal earring with a stud and earring back. The 'jacket' is crafted from a piece of gold that attaches to the stud behind the ear lobe. The pave diamond and matte gold forms hook around the bottom of the ear lobe, giving the look that they are magically floating there. You can see that once the ear jacket is on, you don't see the gold behind the ear lobe at all.



The ear jacket an be attached to the stud at three different holes. Depending on the length of your earlobe, you will quickly see which hole it looks best to attach the jacket to the stud.



In true Nanis fashion, one can wear these earrings two different ways. With these stunning earrings, you get two pairs of earrings in one. These earrings are in stock at Ace & Dik Jewelers, and retail for EUR2.987 including VAT.

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