Wedding Service

Ace Weddingservice

Your wedding day is one of the most romantic and most important days of your life. However, before the magnificent day has come, it must be well-organized and there is a lot to be decided on. What will the ceremony look like and where will it be held? Will there be an after-party or a simple and classy reception? And for family and friends, whom you have invited, you could make a gift-list with the gifts you would like to receive. This way your family and friends will be sure to give you a gift that they know you will like: a permanent memory for your special wedding day.

Personal Advice

We currently do not have this service online, due to the fact that we prefer giving your guests personal advice in their choice. You may use us as an advisor for your guests. In any one of our stores you can make up a list of gifts for your wedding gift-list. We have beautiful collections of silverware from candleholders to photo frames. As soon as you composed your gift-list you can let your guests know that they can visit one of our stores to be advised on a gift and also get the chance to personalize the gift. This is most-definitely done in absolute discretion and the guests are thus also able to buy just parts of the silverware. If the guests feel that there are not any presents they would like to give, they can buy a gift certificate for the couple.