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  1. Omega
  1. Female
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  1. Round
  1. Steel/Yellow gold
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  1. Quartz
Case diameter
  1. 24mm
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  1. Champagne
  1. Analog (time indication)
Watch strap
  1. Steel/Yellow gold
  1. Diamonds
Strap Size
  1. 12mm
Cut Shape
  1. Brilliant
  1. VVS-Very Very Small Inclusions

About Omega

Omega's pioneering spirit has taken them from the depths of the sea all the way up to the Moon. This Swiss watchmaker was one of the first to introduce a properly waterproof watch with the 1932 Omega Marine, and watches like the Seamaster and PloProf would remain the dive watch of choice for professional and recreational divers alike. Omega's famous Speedmaster received legendary status when it was qualified by NASA for its space missions in 1965. It became the first watch to be worn on the Moon and has since been worn on all lunar landings and countless other missions. Its status of Official Timekeeper for the Olympic Games shows Omega's commitment to excellence and precision, a sentiment echoed in its innovative movements.
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1 Item