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  1. Nomos
  1. Unisex
Case shape
  1. Round
  1. Steel
Watch movement
  1. Automatic
Case diameter
  1. 35.5mm
Color Watch Dial
  1. Blue
  2. Champagne
  3. Silver
  1. Transparent caseback
  1. Small seconds
Watch strap
  1. Leather
Strap Size
  1. 17mm

About Minimatik

Classically elegant and cheery too: Minimatik is the latest watch face from NOMOS Glashütte. Thanks to the incredibly thin caliber at its heart, the automatic DUW 3001, this timepiece is exceptionally slender, as well as extremely accurate and affordable. This combination of characteristics was unheard of in the world of fine watchmaking—until now. Furthermore, Minimatik is a tick more feminine without any of the cliqued attributes; a youthful, elegant beauty.
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3 Items