About Lux
Lux is Latin for light and luster. And as of now, it is also the name of a watch the likes of which have never been seen. At first glance, the new timepiece with the DUW 2002 caliber ticking away inside it may be reminiscent of an old style kitchen clock. Yet it is actually most elegantly modern. The watch in 18 karat white or rose gold—flattering on the hand with its elegantly curved sapphire crystal glass—perhaps only comes into proper focus at second glance, but then it is clear with every glimpse of the dial: uncluttered in light blue and white, timeless and simple. The dark brown strap of hand-sewn and rembordé Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan is closed with an elegant, solid gold clasp. Everything about this watch takes a small bow to the luxury of perfect simplicity. But the NOMOS caliber visible through the glass bottom of the watch really is opulent. Twin mainspring barrels give the DUW 2002 movement double the power: Lux will run for 84 hours without rewinding.