About Ludwig
Ludwig is a watch that could not be more classic. With this timepiece on the wrist, the wearer’s proficiency in Latin becomes self-evident. Not because of the Roman numerals on the face, which is a unique feature among NOMOS Glashütte watches. But because the Ludwig makes a super smart impression at first sight. This watch is extremely flat—thanks to DUW 3001 in the neomatik version—and has a noticeably fine bezel (the name given to the part of the casing that encircles the face) and similarly fine case horns (the little bridges to which the strap is fastened). The Ludwig model has nearly all the same features as Tangente, albeit with a smoother shape. Its form resembles an extremely flat pebble that repeatedly washed up on the Kühlungsborn shore over the course of centuries until, one day, a young rascal on summer vacation came along and skipped it 28 times across the surface of the calm Baltic Sea. This is a watch for people who like to wear Budapest shoes, enjoy listening to Bach, or who find a crackling fireplace more enticing than socks with a Mickey Mouse pattern. It’s also perfect for people who want (or need) to add a touch of seriousness to their wild lifestyle.
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