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  1. Breitling
  1. Male
Case shape
  1. Round
  1. EUR 0.00 - EUR 5,499.99
  2. EUR 5,500.00 and above
  1. Stainless steel
Watch movement
  1. Automatic
Case diameter
  1. 40mm
  2. 42mm
Color Watch Dial
  1. Black
  2. Blue
  3. Silver
  1. Chronometer
  1. Chronograph
  2. Date
  3. Day
  4. Small seconds
Watch strap
  1. Alligator
Strap Size
  1. 20mm
  2. 22mm

About Premier

The Breitling Premier collection reintroduces a name that has a special significance for the prestige watch brand. In the 1940s, Breitling introduced its first collection of truly elegant watches, which were defined by their fashionable flair. The new Breitling Premier collection combines purpose with style, delivering quality, performance, and timeless design that are worthy of the watch brand’s proud legacy
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12 Items