Trade Associations


NJU (Dutch Jewelry and watches trade organization)

Ace Jewelers has been a member of the NJU, Nederlandse Juweliers- en Uurwerkenbranche (Dutch Jewelry and watches trade organization), since its foundation.

The NJU is an association by and for jewelers, watchmakers and appraisers in The Netherlands. The NJU is a member of the FGZ, Federatie Goud en Zilver (Federation Gold & Silver), the master association for entrepreneurs in the gold, silver, watch and gem industry.

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NJC (Dutch Jewelers Asscociation)
Ace Jewelers is also a member of the NJC, Nederlandse Juweliersclub (Dutch Jewelers Association), which is a section of the NJU. Approximately 50 NJU members are represented in the NJC.

The aim of this section is to promote and lift the complete Dutch jewelers industry to a higher level. On top of that a lot of knowledge, experiences and information are exchanged. Especially on the matter of security and innovation.

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Diamond Bourse
The "Vereniging Beurs van den Diamanthandel" is founded September 17th, 1890 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and is the oldest diamond bourse in the world. The CEO of Ace Jewelers is a representant of the Dutch Diamond trade. And, automatically a member of the WFDB - World Federation of Diamond Bourses.

Registered under number: VBVD203.

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