Team Ace

The management team of Ace Jewelers consists of two generations of The Ben Joseph Family. The organisation of Ace Jewelers is a very compact structure and the management style of the board of directors can be classified as organic and dynamic. 

The Ben Joseph Family:


DavidFounder of Ace Jewelers

David founded the first Ace Jewelers store in the heart of Amsterdam on the Kalverstraat in 1975. After traveling the world, living and working in various countries, David fell in love with Amsterdam and never left. In the first store he founded, he designed, manufactured and sold handmade jewelry. David is a Master Goldsmith and Diamond Cutter & Setter. David's passions are: Watches, diamonds, gold, football, golf and (last, but certainly not least) his family.


AlonManaging Director of Ace Jewelers

Alon has been active in the family company since 1998. After obtaining his Bachelor degree in New York, Alon continued his Master degree in Business Economics at the University of Amsterdam. During his studies he was responsible for the integration of Dik Juwelier BV. Alon is proud that Ace Jewelers was the first Dutch luxury jeweler in The Netherlands to open an eBoutique. Alon is passionate about: Watches, Gem stones, IT & Ecommerce, Tennis and Cinema.


AmirManaging Director of Ace Jewelers

Amir finished his Gemology studies in Tel Aviv (1999) and immediately started working for the family company at Ace & Spyer in Amsterdam. He was responsible for the foundation of Ace, the first jewelry store in The Netherlands that would solely focus on cutting- edge fashion brands. In 2008 is he was responsible for the complete renovation of this store and added sunglasses to the current collections. Amir is very passionate about: Watches, Diamonds, Motor Bikes and Trendwatching.

Team Ace

Here below you will find the team members of Ace Jewelers, in alphabetical order:


AnnemarieSales Associate (Location: Ace & Dik)

Annemarie began her career at the old Gassan diamond factory when she was 19 years old. Annemarie was always fascinated by diamonds as well as watches, especially if it had a complicated movement. Her hobbies are learning new cultures through traveling, reading, going to the theater and eating out. Outside of Ace, Annemarie works in the orthopedic department at the hospital where she's learning new things every day. Annemarie also loves cats, especially her old cat Smikkel.


AnoukSales Associate (Locatie: Ace & Dik)

Anouk has a background in the fashion industry and a great passion for haute couture. In the year 2012 she transitioned from the fashion industry to the jewelry industry and started at Ace Jewelers. She has in-depth knowledge of exclusive wristwatches, fine jewelry and natural gemstones. Her favorite brand is the Dutch fine jewelry mark BRON. Anouk loves creating bespoke jewels with her customers. Her passions are cooking, haute cuisine (she is a real foodie), traveling and her cat.


DaleSales Associate & Vintage Expert (Location: Ace eBoutique)

Dale is a pure bred watchfreak. Classic models with a great story, like the famous Speedmaster, Navitimer and Pilots Watches, make his heart pump faster. Dale founded a number of watch related websites, amongst them one of the biggest Dutch discussion boards. Prior to working with Ace, he spent three years working in a vintage watch store in Amsterdam. Now he's combining his passion for internet and watches at ACE Online, assisting and advising online customers.


MargoSales Associate (Location: Ace & Dik)

Margo was born in Amsterdam, but she has been living in the North of Holland for the last 43 years. Fashion has always been a passion of her's and working in retail has allowed Margo to be passionate about her work her entire career. She has worked in all areas of fashion, including the jewelry and watch industry at Ace & Dik Jewelers. Outside of work, Margo enjoys going on vacation, cooking, excercise, good food with a nice glass of wine, and last but not least, her granddaughter Liv.