Shopping Guide

Shopping at Ace

Welcome to the website. The Ace Jewelers Group is a family company with a physical store in the heart of Amsterdam (The Netherlands, Europa) and an international eBoutique. Our aim is to present every brand that we officially represent on this website. In case you can not find a specific product or model, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Ace Jewelers is an official retailer of all the brands presented on this website. A selection of the products presented on this site are actually physical presented and for sale in our store.

Since every brand has a relative large collection and they do not have every particular on stock, our collection and stock consists of the best models of each brand.
Therefore we list that we will contact you about availability on every product detail page on this website. As soon as we receive your order, we will confirm the delivery time of each individual product.

Place an order
As soon as you have selected an item to purchase, you can contact us for the exact delivery time.

Our aim is to anwser incoming e-mails within 24 hours and during office hours (Central European Time = GMT +1) you can reach us directly by phone or simply using the call-back function on our website.

As soon as we received your order, we will contact you personally by phone or e-mail. Only if you approve the delivery time of your order, we will authorize and process the payment we received. In case you decide to cancel your order, whatever the reason, we will simply cancel your order. No strings attached.

It is possible to place an order online and pick up and pay for your order in one of our physical boutiques.

Basically, we want to be at your service!


Ten reasons to shop at Ace Jewelers

1. Ace Jewelers is an official retailer of each brand presented on this site.
2. Each order with a value over EUR 500 will be shipped free of charge.
3. We do not charge additional costs when placing an order.
4. Ace has expercience in this industry sinds 1975.
5. Real jewelers with a store in the city centre of Amsterdam (The Netherlands, Europe).
6. Personal Service: We contact you personally to update you about your order.
7. Not satisfied with your order, order refunded. Fourteen days to contemplate.
8. After Sales Service managed in our own workshops.
9. Each product comes with an international warranty. 
10. Ace Jewelers is a member of many respectable industry associations.


Payment methods
It is possible to pay cash in our physical store. We accept all international accepted currencies, but we prefer Euro’s.

PIN/ATM-Card/Debit Card
In The Netherlands one can pay with an ATM-Card and is called a PIN-card. Please do note that the standard limit on a Dutch PIN-card is EUR 2.500,- In case you know that you want to purchase something of an amount higher, please contact your bank account manager to increase your day limit on that particular card.

Credit Cards
We accept the following major Credit Cards:

2. MasterCard
3. American Express
4. Maestro
5. JCB
6. CUP (only physical in our boutique)
7. Diners Club (only physical in our boutique)

Please note that we require an ID matching the owner of the card. Please do note that the standard limit on a Dutch Credit Card is EUR 2.500,- In case you know that you want to purchase something of an amount higher, please contact the issueing bank or credit card company to increase your limit on that particular card.

Bank Transfer/Wire
In case you ordered something online or via phone, you can make a bank transfer/wire to our bank account.

It is also possible to pay using your PayPal account for your order. 

Ace Store Credit
Store credits are available as a gift voucher or when one exchanged an item. Our store credits are valid for six months after issuing and exchangeable at our boutique.