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Family Run Business

Ace Jewelers Group
The Ace Jewelers Group consists of two physical Jewelry boutiques and an international eBoutique, owned and operated by the Ben Joseph family. The two generations of Jewelers and their teams try to make sure that you are always assisted in a professional and friendly way. You are welcome in our attractive and luxurious boutiques that are located in safe surroundings. Here, the most current collections of jewels, watches and accessories are presented to you in an ambiance where you will feel at home in an instant. Our after sales service for your watches and jewelry is also available at all times.

The Ben Joseph family has been using the trade name Ace since 1975. The Ace Jewelers Group includes one of the oldest Jeweler stores of Amsterdam: Ace & Spyer, on the corner of the Flower Market, Koningsplein. Moreover, the location of Ace & Dik is in the Museum District (Van Baerlestraat) and has been located there for over 80 years. Ace was founded by the Ben-Joseph family and the meaning of the word Ace is ‘being the best in what you do’. In every Ace Jewelers boutique perfection is, hence, strived for at all times. Perfection is achieved through the quality of products, the service, the stores (safety and interior design), the collections and the craftsmanship.

Ace Jewelers Group is a family owned and run company, founded in 1975 operating two physical boutiques and one eBoutique.