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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Ace Jewelers FAQ
Do you have a question about online shopping at Ace Jewelers? We may have answered this question previously so please check our FAQ (frequently asked questions) section. If this is however not the case, please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact page


  1. 1.1 What products are classified as accessories?

    Ace Jewelers classifies accessories as any product that complements a wrist watch or a piece of jewelry. This includes accessories such as: cufflinks, money clips, silver desk items, cutlery, birth gifts, etc.


  1. 2.1 Where do Ace Jewelers diamonds come from?

    Ace Jewelers sources the finest diamonds from all over the world and sells only diamonds that are 100% conflict-free.

    The CEO of Ace Jewelers Group is a member of the oldest diamond exchange in the world and therefore a member of WFDB - World Federation of Diamond Bourses, founded September 17th, 1890 in Amsterdam. The oldest diamond bourse in the world representing Dutch Diamond trade.

  2. 2.2 What is Ace Jewelers doing to prevent the use of conflict diamonds in Ace Jewelers Jewelry?

    1. Ace Jewelers purchases diamonds only from suppliers that adhere to the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme and the System of Warranties. Under the provisions of the Kimberley Process, mandated by the United Nations, endorsed by the Security Council and enshrined in the national law of all participating countries. Ace Jewelers, and all other members of the industry, are obliged to trade only with sellers that use the System of Warranties.

    2. Our entire staff is fully knowledgeable with regards to The Kimberley Process requirements. In addition to this, all staff are briefed on government regulations and the Ace Jewelers policy to combat the trade in conflict diamonds. Sales associates are encouraged to provide interested customers to enter into a discussion about the issue of conflict diamonds and Ace Jewelers' role in preventing their trade. 3. We also require that our suppliers warrant to Ace Jewelers that the merchandise they supply will be manufactured under working conditions consistent with international guidelines, primarily the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights and International Labour Organisation conventions, particularly those relating to child labour.

  3. 2.3 How does the Kimberley Process work?

    The Kimberly process requires participating governments to ensure that each shipment of rough diamonds exported be in a secure container and accompanied by a uniquely numbered, government-validated certificate stating that the diamonds are conflict-free. Over 70 countries participate, representing all the nations with significant involvement in the diamond trade. All 70 importing countries agree not to accept any rough diamonds without an approved Kimberley Process Certificate.

    At Ace Jewelers, all of our diamonds are accompanied by an Ace Diamond Certificate. Ace clearly underlines our stringent conflict diamond policy and we guarantee that every single piece of Ace Jewelers jewelry is ethically produced and 100% conflict-free.

  4. 2.4 What is the Kimberley Process?

    The World Diamond Council has worked successfully with the United Nations, governments, and groups such as Global Witness and Partnership Africa Canada to introduce a system for the certification of the source of uncut diamonds to prevent the trade in conflict diamonds. This system, known as the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS), was formally adopted in November 2002, and came into operation on January 1, 2003.

    Today, as a result of the Kimberly Process’s success, 99.8% of the world’s diamond supply is conflict free.

    At Ace Jewelers, we can guarantee with 100% confidence that all of our diamonds are conflict-free.

  5. 2.5 What is a conflict diamond?

    Conflict diamonds are rough, uncut diamonds used by rebel movements or their allies to finance armed conflict aimed at undermining legitimate governments. In 1998, the Non-government Organisation (NGO) Global Witness brought to the world’s attention the fact that rebel groups were funding their war against the legitimate government in this way.

    At Ace Jewelers, we can guarantee with 100% confidence that all of our diamonds are conflict-free.

  6. 2.6 What is the Ace Jewelers Diamond Policy?

    Every diamond from Ace Jewelers Diamond Jewelry is conflict-free and child labour free.

    Ace Jewelers is aware of the problem of conflict diamonds and has taken measures to guarantee that no conflict diamonds enter its supply chain or its jewelry.

    Thanks in great part to international cooperation between governments, the diamond industry, retail jewelers and non-government organizations such as Global Witness and Partnership Africa Canada, vast improvements have been made in the fight against conflict diamonds. However, one diamond used to fund conflict is one too many, and continued vigilance is essential.

General FAQ's

  1. 3.1 How can I place an order

    Step 1:

    When you have added your products to the shopping bag, just click the checkout button.

    Step 2:

    If you already have an Ace account, please log-in with your email address and password. If you have not yet registered, please make an account in a few simple steps. We have several payment options, all secured and authorized. Once you have reviewed your order, you can confirm that you accept our general terms and conditions and then click on the ORDER button.

    Step 3:

    Depending on your chosen payment method, you will be directed to the secure transaction page of our payment service provider.

    Step 4:

    If your order has been succesfully processed, you will immediately receive a confirmation email.

  2. 3.2 Do I get a confirmation if I have placed an order?

    Once you have placed your order, you will receive an e-mail confirmation. This will confirm the complete order as well as order details such as payment information (bank account number, total amount etc.).
  3. 3.3 I have not received my confirmation, why is that?

    If you have a Hotmail account, e-mails may arrive in the spam folder. You can avoid this by adding our address to your ‘approved senders.
  4. 3.4 Can I order by Telephone or fax?

    Yes, of course. You can contact us during office hours on this number: +31 (0)20 3031900 or click on the call-back button on our website. You will then be called back by one of our service employees. You can also place an order by fax at +31 (0)20 3031909. As soon as we receive your fax, we will contact you to complete your order request.
  5. 3.5 Why should I order through Ace Jewelers?

    1. Ace Jewelers is an official retailer of each brand presented on this site.
    2. Each order with a value over EUR 500 will be shipped free of charge.
    3. We do not charge additional costs when placing an order.
    4. Ace has a meticulous reputation in this industry since 1975.
    5. Real jewelers with two physical stores in the city centre of Amsterdam (The Netherlands, Europe).
    6. Personal Service: We contact you personally to update you about your order.
    7. Not satisfied with your order, order refunded. Fourteen days to contemplate.
    8. After Sales Service managed in our own workshops.
    9. Each product comes with an international warranty.
    10. Ace Jewelers is a member of many respectable industry associations.

  6. 3.6 When will my order be delivered?

    Once you have chosen a product and wish to buy it, you may contact us to find out estimated delivery times.

    We strive to answer all emails within 24 hours. You can contact us by telephone during office hours on +31 (0)20 3031900 or click on the call-back function on our homepage.

    As soon as we receive your order, we will contact you personally by telephone or email to inform you of the estimated delivery times.

  7. 3.7 How much are the shipping costs?

    For all orders in our eBoutique totalling more than EUR 500, postage costs for overseas deliveries will not be incurred. If the total amount is lower than EUR 500 UPS will calculate the shipment charges real-time in your shopping bag upon entering your delivery address. In case you wish to receive a customized delivery option, please contact our Concierge Team. For personal delivery please contact our team to discuss the options.
  8. 3.8 Can I pick up my order in person?

    Yes - you can order online, pick up and pay in one of our two boutiques in the center of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
  9. 3.9 Can I have my order delivered to another address other than my own?

    Yes, of course. If you wish your order to be delivered to another address you can change the delivery details.
  10. 3.10 Is it possible to pay with cash?

    You can pay with cash in all our stores. We accept all currencies but prefer Euros.
  11. 3.11 Is it possible to pay with PIN/Chipknip?

    In The Netherlands one can pay with an ATM-Card and is called a PIN-card. Please do note that the standard limit on a Dutch PIN-card is EUR 2,500.- In case you know that you want to purchase something of an amount higher, please contact your bank account manager to increase your day limit on that particular card.
  12. 3.12 Is it possible to pay with my Credit Card?

    We accept the following major Credit Cards:

    1. VISA
    2. MasterCard
    3. American Express
    4. Maestro 5. JCB
    6. CUP (only physical in our boutiques)
    7. Diners Club (only physical in our boutiques)

    Please note that we require an ID matching the owner of the card. Please do note that the standard limit on a Dutch Credit Card is EUR 2.500,- In case you know that you want to purchase something of an amount higher, please contact the issuing bank or credit card company to increase your limit on that particular card.

  13. 3.13 Is it possible to pay by bank transfer/wire?

    If you have ordered something online or via phone, you can make a bank transfer/wire by phone or electronically to our bank account: Please find the details below:

    Dutch Account - Local Payment:
    ING Bank in Amsterdam
    Bank Account Number: NL67 INGB 0657523984
    Account Holders Name: Ace located in Amsterdam
    Payment Description: Order Number
    Amount: European EURO

    International Account - Foreign Payment:
    ING Bank Amsterdam (The Netherlands, Europe)
    IBAN: NL67 INGB 0657523984
    Account Holders Name: Ace
    Address: Van Baerlestraat 46, 1071AZ, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Europe)
    Fax: +31203031909
    Payment Description: Order Number
    Amount: European EURO

    For payments in other currencies, please contact our Concierge Team to discuss the possibilities.
  14. 3.14 Is it possible to pay with my Ace Store Credit?

    Store credits are available as a gift voucher or when one exchanged an item. Our store credits are valid for six months after issuing and redeemable at any Ace Jewelers boutique.
  15. 3.15 Is it possible to pay with iDeal?

    iDEAL allows you to make online purchases in a familiar, secure and simple way. iDEAL is the system that links you directly to your online banking application when you buy online. To start using iDEAL, you don’t need to register, download any files or open an account. If you already have online banking with ABN AMRO, Fortis, Postbank, Rabobank or SNS Bank, you can make payments using iDEAL right away. The transaction is completed swiftly and simply in the familiar online banking environment of your own bank – paying in a way you are already familiar with.

    iDEAL offers several advantages compared with other payment methods:

    * iDEAL involves paying by means of online banking, therefore familiar and secure systems.
    * You can start using iDEAL right away. You do not need to register, download any files or open an account.
    * You can start using iDEAL right now if you already have online banking with ABN AMRO, Fortis, Postbank, Rabobank or SNS Bank.
    * iDEAL is easy and quick to use, with all transaction details already filled in for you and immediate confirmation of successful payment processing.
    * You remain in control of your payment at all times. iDEAL payments are processed immediately and appear on your account straightaway.
    * Your name and account number are not disclosed to the online store until you authorise payment. Unlike credit card payments, you remain in control of the release of your personal details.

  16. 3.16 Can I place an order and make a down payment?

    Of course it is a possible to confirm an order by placing a down payment. We request 50% of the total order value to confirm an order. This amount can be paid physically in one of our boutiques or digitally in our eBoutique.
  17. 3.17 Is it possible to send Ace Jewelers an email?

    You can send us an e-mail on our contact page or to We will do our utmost best to answer your e-mail within 24 hours.
  18. 3.18 Is it possible to contact Ace Jewelers by phone?

    During office hours (Central European Time = GMT+1) you can call us free of charge by clicking on the call back button. Live chat is also possible.
  19. 3.19 Is it possible to chat with Ace Jewelers?

    During office hours (Central European Time = GMT +1) you can chat with us clicking on the 'start live chat' button.
  20. 3.20 Where can I send my complaint?

    Ace Jewelers does her utmost best to meet your expectations. Should you not be 100% satisfied with our products and/or service you can follow these steps.

    1. Please send your complaint by mail to the following address:
    Attn.: After Sales Service
    Koningsplein 1-1
    1017 BB Amsterdam
    The Netherlands

    You can also contact us by e-mail:

    2. When we have received your complaint we will contact you within 14 days and will try to resolve your complaint as good as possible.

  21. 3.21 Is it possible to return items?

    Ace Jewelers does her utmost best to ensure that each customer is pleased with their order. If you are not satisfied with our product(s), you have the possibility to return the product within 14 days*. Starting on the day after receipt of the product(s) ordered by or on behalf of the consumer.

    When returning a product, a copy of the invoice is required. Products that have been returned without a copy of the invoice are not accepted.

    Due to hygiene reasons, earrings and piercings cannot be returned. Products that are personalized cannot be returned.

    Damaged product must be reported within two business days after receipt of the order.

    You have three options to contact Ace for a return shipment or a complaint. On business days, you can contact us by clicking on LIVE CHAT in our eBoutique. The second option is to call one of our representatives on +31203031900. Final option is that you send us an e-mail to: We will reply within 24 hours during office hours.

    Ace will give you a unique RMA number to ensure your return shipment will be handled as soon as possible. Please note: Returned products are only accepted by us if these have been authorized in advance and if the shipment costs have been entirely paid for by the customer.

    Please read the General Conditions for further information on returning items.

    Please note: exchanges of in-store purchases are possible within 8 days with original invoice. No cash refund policy, only store credits are granted. 

  22. 3.22 Are there any extra costs involved when returning an order?

    Yes. Please note: Returned products are only accepted by us if these have been authorized in advance and if the shipment costs have been entirely paid for by the customer.
  23. 3.23 Where should I send the returning item to?

    You can return your product(s) to:
    Ace Online B.V.
    Koningsplein 1-1
    1017 BB Amsterdam
    The Netherlands

    Please note: Returning products are only accepted by us if these have been announced in advance and if the shipment costs have been entirely paid for.


  1. 4.1 How do I care for my diamond jewelry?

    The brilliance of any diamond depends on the amount of light that can enter the stone and reflect back to the human eye. However, the smallest deposit of grease on the surface of a stone can dull its reflection. Even a touch from a finger will leave a smudge of natural oil.

    You are welcome to bring your Ace Jewelers diamond jewelry to our store for a complimentary professional clean. We recommend you do this four times a year. We will also see that the stones are secure in their settings and we can make any necessary repairs during the cleaning process.

    To keep your diamonds clean between store visits, mix some mild liquid detergent with water and apply with a soft, natural bristle brush. Rinse with fresh water and dry with your Ace Jewelers cleaning cloth.

    A few words of warning: avoid cleaning your jewelry in or near the sink. If you do, make sure the plug is in. If you are using a brush, be gentle; diamonds can loosen in their settings if treated roughly. If you use hand lotion, wait for at least 10-15 minutes before putting your rings back on.

    Finally, take care to store diamonds properly as they can scratch other jewelry. If you are travelling, use an Ace Jewelers travel pouch, which will keep individual pieces safely apart.

  2. 4.2 How do I care for my pearls?

    Even cultured pearls with thicker coatings are more fragile than most other gemstones, so you must handle them carefully to keep them in the best condition.

    • Your pearls will stay cleaner if you put them on after you've applied your makeup and perfume.
    • Be sure to take off your pearl rings before you apply hand and body creams.
    • Wipe your pearls with a soft, lint-free cloth as soon as you take them off. The cloth can be dampened with water or it can be dry. If damp, allow the pearls to air dry before putting them away.
    • Dirty pearls can be cleaned with a mild soap and water.
    • Never clean your pearls with solutions that contain ammonia or harsh detergents.
    • Don't put pearl jewelry in an ultrasonic cleaner.
    • Don't use abrasive cleaners or rub pearls with abrasive cloth. Both can wear away the nacre coating, leaving you with a plain looking bead.
  3. 4.3 How can I store my pearls?

    Don't store your pearls with other jewelry, because they can be scratched easily when metal or gemstones rub against them. Find a special slot in your jewelry box for the pearls, or keep them in an Ace Jewelers soft bag made from non-abrasive material. Your fine pearl necklaces should be restrung periodically so that you're sure the silk or nylon cord holding them is in good shape.


  1. 5.1 What does Ace Jewelers define as service?

    At Ace Jewelers 'service' is one of the pilars of our corporate philosophy. When we say service, we mean:

    - Repairs
    - Appraisals
    - Design of new jewelry
    - Alterations of current jewelry
    - Advice, before, during or after a purchase
    - Trade-in of pre-owned & vintage watches
    - Wedding Service and Wedding Registers
    - Tax Free Shopping
  2. 5.2 Is Ace Jewelers an authorised dealer of all listed products?

    Ace Jewelers is an official retailer of all the brands presented on this website. A selection of the products presented on this site are actually physically presented and for sale in our boutiques.

    On the website, you will find listed the exact location of the product listed just in case you want to view it before making a purchase.

    Since every brand has a relatively large collection, our collections consist of the most favored models from each brand. Therefore we list that we will contact you about availability on every product detail page on this website. As soon as we receive your order, we will confirm the delivery time of each individual product.

  3. 5.3 When I buy at Ace Jewelers, will I get warranty?

    Every product that has been sold by Ace Jewelers comes with a two-year warranty from the manufacturer, unless otherwise specified.

    In case the warranty is not supported internationally by the manufacturer, Ace Jewelers Group will process your warranty case. In case you have a problem with a product you have purchased from Ace Jewelers, please report the problem and we will advise you how we can solve the problem as fast as possible.

  4. 5.4 Can I go to Ace Jewelers for service and repairs?

    Ace means that you deliver the best quality and always try to ecxel in what you do. At the Ace Jewelers Group we not only attempt to assist you with good advice when attaining your jewelry, we also help you after your purchase. The After-Sales Service is of great importance to us. You are welcome in our boutiques for questions about and maintenance for your jewelry and watches. We have goldsmiths and watchmakers at your service; however, we also work together with the work shops of the brands present in our store. We offer a 1 year guarantee, or longer, on the maintenance we carried out.

    Everything in life need maintenance and care, this is the same for your jewelry and watches. It is advised to let your jewelry be cleaned and maintained once a year by a professional jeweler. Your watches need maintenance too; this maintenance is not only for mechanical movements but also for quartz movements. We can also make official appraisal reports for insurance reasons.

  5. 5.5 Can I get an appraisal report for my jewelry and/or watches from Ace Jewelers?

    For insurance reasons we look after the appraisals of your jewels and watches. Your jewels are, in case of fire or burglary, normally spoken co-insured for up to EUR 2,500. You must then show that the articles were in your possession and what you paid for them. Furthermore, the value of your possessions might be questioned and in most cases, the compensation is insufficient to allow you to buy new jewels to the same value. Once you have been compensated for the stolen goods, it is no longer possible to declare jewelry or watches that you forgot to report. In possession of a taxation report, you will ensure that nothing will be forgotten when declaring the damage and the compensation will not be questioned resulting in full reimbursement.

    At Ace a duplicate appraisal report will always provided, so that you can provide a copy to your insurance company for approval. This copy is stamped as "seen and approved" and returned to you. At that moment you are protected from problems in case of possible damage. In addition to this, it is advantageous for you to know if the total value of your items has not exceeded the standard value of EUR 2,500 usually covered. If this is the case, you will then know that you will need to purchase additional insurance for full cover for the higher amount. The advantage of a separate, additional insurance is, that your jewels are also insured at damage, loss or robbery outside of your home. Finally, it is important that you let your appraisals be done by a skilled jeweler/appraiser. It will cost you less when the report meets the requirements and is immediately approved. You can contact us for an estimation of the value of the jewels you wish to appraise.

  6. 5.6 Is it possible to shop Tax Free at Ace Jewelers?

    In case you purchase an item from us and you wish to export it out of the European Union, then we can refund the complete VAT amount. The only thing you need to do is get the invoice stamped by an EU Customs Office when leaving the EU and return this stamped invoice back to us. We will refund the full VAT amount as soon as possible. In case you order something online and we ship the watch to an address outside the EU, we charge the net amount (deducted from VAT) directly and you do not have to do anything!

    Companies - The Netherlands

    If a Dutch company purchases from us and provides us with a matching VAT-number, we will charge the VAT, but one can claim this back on its monthly sales tax claim from the Dutch IRS.

    Companies - European Union

    If an European company, located within the common market of the EU, purchases from us and provides us with a matching VAT-number, we will not charge any VAT, and we will deliver the purchased items on a net/net base (no VAT will be charged).

    Companies - International (excluding EU)

    If a foreign company (located outside the EU), purchases from us and provides us with a matching VAT-number, we will not charge any VAT, and we will deliver the purchased items on a net/net base (no VAT will be charged).


  1. 6.1 Watch manufacturers advise to have mechanical watches serviced regularly even if they are working fine. Why is that?

    Like a car, a mechanical watch needs to be lubricated regularly to keep it running smoothly. Over time, the oil will deteriorate and friction between the movement's part will increase, causing abrasion and making the watch less accurate. In addition, the friction can create a very fine dust that will itself act as an abrasive on the watch movement parts.
  2. 6.2 How often does a mechanical watch need to be serviced?

    Manufacturer's recommendations vary, but most range from every three to five years.
  3. 6.3 What happens to my watch when it goes in to be serviced?

    The watch is taken apart and the bracelet and case are cleaned ultrasonically and polished. The pieces of the movement are cleaned chemically and examined. Worn parts are replaced. The movement is then reassembled, lubricated and regulated. Then, if the watch is water resistant, its water resistance is tested. This is a link to a movie from Breitling, where they show how they service a watch:
  4. 6.4 Can I get my watch repaired or overhauled at Ace Jewelers?

    Yes you can. If you want your watch serviced or overhauled, Ace Jewelers will send your watch to the service centre of the brand in question. If your watch still has warranty, the repair will be free of charge.
  5. 6.5 How much does an overhaul cost?

    It varies a great deal, but consumers can generally expect to pay upwards of EUR 150.- (sometimes a great deal upwards) for an overhaul of an uncomplicated automatic watch. As a rule, the more expensive the brand, the more expensive the overhaul.
  6. 6.6 How long does my watch have to remain at the service centre or shop?

    This varies by service centre or repair shop and complexity of the repair and/or availability of the parts needed. But turnaround times for overhauls are generally measured in weeks - three or four in many instances.
  7. 6.7 Do quartz watches need to be serviced like mechanical ones?

    No. Quartz watch movements do not need nearly as much maintenance as mechanical ones do. That is because they have far fewer moving parts -just the gears that move the hands. (A digital watch has no moving parts at all). All that most quartz watches really require is that when the case is opened for a battery change, it be cleaned of accumulated dirt. However, some expensive quartz analog watch movements should have their gear train lubricated ever eight to 10 years.

    Here you can see how Breitling services their Quartz movements:

Ace Jewelers Group is a family owned and run company, founded in 1975 operating two physical boutiques and one eBoutique.