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  1. The Ace List Live: Season Two started today with Zenith's CEO

    The first season of The Ace List Live was an overwhelming success. After an extensive and qualitative market research we have concluded we needed to start a new season in 2021. We aimed to do so somewhere during Spring Time...... Read more
  2. NEW: Zenith Defy El Primero 21 Urban Jungles

    Introducing the Zenith Defy El Primero 21 Urban Jungle Zenith expands the avant-garde Defy collection with the introduction of the Defy El Primero 21 Urban Jungle for LVMH Digital Watch Week 2021. In this new version, the world's fastest chronograph...... Read more
  3. NEW: Zenith Pilot Type 20 Chronograph Silver

    Introducing the Zenith Pilot Type 20 Chronograph Silver With the LVMH Watch Week in full -digital- swing, Zenith introduces the latest take on its Pilot Type 20 Chronograph. It features a case in 925 silver, which is paired with a...... Read more
  4. NEW: Zenith Chronomaster Sport

    Zenith introduces the Chronomaster Sport Zenith introduces the Chronomaster Sport, a new take on the classic El Primero chronograph. With the Chronomaster Sport, Zenith blends hints of important chronograph watches of days gone by with clear-cut lines and up-to-date materials, resulting in...... Read more
  5. IN STOCK: TAG Heuer Carrera 160th Anniversary Silver

    The TAG Heuer Carrera CBK221B.FC6479 was introduced in January of 2020 as a limited edition of 1860 pieces, celebrating the 160th anniversary of TAG Heuer. It has the case as first seen on the Fujiwara limited edition, but pairs it with...... Read more
  6. NEW: Zenith Chronomaster Revival El Primero A385

    Introducing the Zenith Chronomaster Revival El Primero A385 Zenith introduces another smashing revival piece in the form of the Chronomaster Revival El Primero A385. Its source of inspiration, the A385 of 1969, was part of the first three stainless steel El Primero-powered...... Read more
  7. Ace Podcast: Episode 2 of The Art of Collecting Wristwatches with Rob Nudds

    An original Ace Jewelers Podcast Series: "The Art of Collecting Wristwatches" Season One, Episode 2: Rob Nudds This is an exclusive audio online episode of the podcast series "The Art of Collecting Wristwatches" by Ace Jewelers. In this series we...... Read more
  8. NEW: Ace Podcast Series "The Art of Collecting Wristwatches"

    We are excited to share that we have started a new Ace Podcast series. "The Art of Collecting Wristwatches" Last year we evolved our The Ace List platform to "The Ace List Live". We wrote about it here. The Ace...... Read more
  9. Press Release: The Ace List Live – Ace Jewelers shares passion for watches and jewelry during lockdowns via live digital broadcast

    PRESS RELEASE - The Ace List Live – Ace Jewelers shares passion for watches and jewelry during lockdowns via live digital broadcast. IMAGES: DOWNLOAD DROPBOX. The Amsterdam-based, family-owned (and run) business Ace Jewelers has been known for creating unique content in-house since the start of their eCommerce operations back in 2008. During the first wave of lockdowns...... Read more

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