Acejewelers Magazine

  1. It's here: THE ACE LIST IV!

    The Ace List - Volume 1 to 4   Ace Jewelers is proud to launch the newest edition of 'The Ace List- Volume IV.   The Ace List Volume IV   At Ace Jewelers, we are passionate about jewelry...... Read more
  2. Ace Jewelers Local Hero: 10% off Designer Handbags at L'Etoile de Saint Honoré

    Team Ace is crazy about luxury items. While we get our daily dose of jewelry, watches and luxury writing instruments every day in one of our boutiques, there is also something nice about carrying a designer bag for all of...... Read more
  3. Ace Jewelers Local Hero: Special offer on Henri Giraud Champagne at Pasteuning Wijn & Catering

    We love our neighbors here in the Oud Zuid in Amsterdam. Just around the corner from Ace & Dik Jewelers is Pasteuning Wijn & Catering. The specialty wine store has been located on Willemsparkweg for over 100 years. The rich...... Read more
  4. Ace Jewelers Local Hero: Sampling at Macaron by RJA

    We love getting to know the other businesses and entrepreneurs in the neighborhoods of the Ace Boutiques. One of our new neighbors that opened in April of this year is Macaron by RJA Patisserie Boutique. Rubin Jan Adriaan had a...... Read more
  5. Ace Jewelers Presents: Montblanc Augmented Paper

    There's nothing that gets us more excited at Ace Jewelers than when one of our brands combines technology with their high-end luxury products. Montblanc introduced the Augmented Paper, which transfers hand written notes and sketches to a mobile device or...... Read more
  6. Ace Jewelers Local Hero: 10% off the Fall/Winter collection at GANT Amsterdam

    GANT is a men’s and women’s clothing boutique that has taken over the world by storm. Being the first GANT Flagship Store in Europe, the GANT flagship store in Amsterdam on Van Baerlestraat 86 has been open since 1995. Operated...... Read more
  7. PRESS RELEASE: Hajimemashite - Ace Jewelers is an official dealer of G-Shock Premium!

    Thursday, August 18th, 2016 - Ace Jewelers is proud to be an official dealer of G-Shock Premium, the most exclusive and innovative timepieces from the Japanese watch brand G-Shock. The watches are now available in Amsterdam at Ace & Dik on...... Read more
  8. Ace Local Hero: Buy one, get one half off at Gout Deli Boutique

    We love supporting new and local businesses in Amsterdam. In May of this year, Gout Deli Boutique opened their doors for the first time. The fresh and healthy salads, sandwiches and juices are delicious enough to satisfy all cravings. Paul...... Read more
  9. Ace Jewelers Local Hero: Buy one, get one free at the Koffie Salon!

    The Koffie Salon is one of the most popular coffeehouses to open in recent years. The business seems to be booming with new locations opening up almost every year. Diederik Habbema is our newest local hero. He is the owner...... Read more