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  1. Ace Jewelers Local Hero- 15% off at Flowers XL

      Spring has officially arrived, flowers are blooming, and our boutiques are bursting with fragrant flowers. This inspired us to select our newest local hero- introducing Barry de Bie. Barry is a florist and owns the Flowers XL kiosk just...... Read more
  2. Ace Jewelers Local Hero: Free Laser 3.14 print from Vroom & Varossieau Gallery- €100 value!

    Ace Jewelers values art no matter the medium. It can be an intricately crafted gold bracelet to graffiti on a piece of scaffolding; we find all kinds of artistic expression mesmerizing. Our new neighbor just a few blocks down from...... Read more
  3. Ace Jewelers Local Hero: 20% discount at Rederij Nassau

    Rederij Nassau's tour boat   Rederij Nassau was founded two years ago and is one of the best boat companies in the city to take you around Amsterdam’s beautiful canals. Top quality customer service is of utmost importance at...... Read more
  4. Ace Jewelers Local Hero- 20% off scarfs from Linhard

    At Ace Jewelers, we love other local, family owned and operated businesses. Just two doors down from Ace & Dik is Linhard. Linhard is a fashion boutique that has been in business for over 90 years. Raymond Linhard began working...... Read more
  5. Ace Jewelers opening hours during the Easter holiday weekend

    Ace Jewelers wishes you a Happy Easter! Did you find any jewelry or watches on your Easter egg hunt this year? Don't worry if not... Ace & Spyer Jewelers is open on first and second Easter!     Ace &...... Read more
  6. Follow Ace Jewelers on Snapchat!

    We love social media and never shy away from showing our clients what’s going on backstage at Ace Jewelers. Snapchat has become one of the most engaging and fun social media outlets in recent years.     Snapchat is a...... Read more
  7. Ace Jewelers Local Heroes - Wax Avenue 20% Discount

    We love entrepreneurship at Ace Jewelers. At only 22 years of age, Rivka Zwaan is already running her own successful business, Wax Avenue. Rivka is this week's local hero in Amsterdam. "I am passionate about health and beauty. I wanted to open a...... Read more
  8. Ace Jewelers now accepts payment by BitCoin!

    At Ace Jewelers, we are always at the height of  new technology and innovation. Ace Jewelers is taking the next step in its eCommerce strategy by offering a new payment method: BitCoin Alon Ben Joseph, Co-CEO of Ace Jewelers, says: ‘I’ve been...... Read more
  9. We are now on WhatsApp!

    Ace jewelers is always on the top of the game in bringing their clients the highest levels of service and new ways of communication in online retail. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat are just a few ways you can keep up with...... Read more