Acejewelers Magazine

  1. Odeya Rush wore Djula diamond ring at the Goosebumps Premiere

    Odeya Rush & Djula   Recently we became proud Authorized Dealer for the French jewelry brand Djula. With designs evoking both elegance and boldness, Djula is a favorite among many, including the stunning Odeya Rush, who chose to wear a...... Read more
  2. Another celebrity wearing Messika: Cara Delevingne

    Cara Delevingne, supermodel & It Girl with a good taste in jewelry! Cara Delevingne wore the Messika Glamazone Double ring (yes, the same Beyoncé is wearing) and the Messika Spiky ring to the annual British Fashion Awards. Cara won the...... Read more
  3. Press Release: Leading Jewelers of the Netherlands

    The best Dutch Jewelers unite     With the founding of Leading Jewelers of the Netherlands, a dream has come true for eleven renowned Dutch jewelers. By joining forces they are highlighting the unique qualities of their boutiques - without...... Read more
  4. Messika Heritage Angel Wings

    Messika Heritage Angel Wings   These diamond angel wings by Messika, will give your outfit a glamorous touch. The eye-catching earrings feminine but playful and are therefore the perfect accessory. Messika jewelry, made in Paris, are famous for their...... Read more
  5. Royal Asscher Stars of Africa Ceramic

    Royal Asscher Stars of Africa Ceramic   'Stars of Africa' is a remarkable collection by the Amsterdam-based Royal Asscher company. All items in this collection feature a dome that is filled with a patented fluid in which the diamonds...... Read more
  6. PRESS RELEASE: Rebel Chique Diamonds launches first retail experience at Ace & Dik Jewelers

    PRESS RELEASE: REBEL CHIQUE DIAMONDS LAUNCHES FIRST RETAIL EXPERIENCE AT ACE & DIK JEWELERS Amsterdam, October 22nd, 2013 –  Ace & Dik Jewelers adds the Rebel Chique Diamonds jewelry brand to their collection. Ace & Dik Jewelers  is located at...... Read more
  7. Zoccai Ring ZGAN0871RRPIDI

    Zoccai ZGAN0871RRPIDI   When jewelry have diamonds and precious gemstones combined, the result is a stunning and powerful combination. The Zoccai ring above proofs it,  gemstones and diamonds complete each other and make the ring a real eye-catcher!  ...... Read more
  8. Bron Jewelry

    Bron Jewelry   Most women love jewelry and find it important that you can wear the jewelry on a daily basis and lets not forget, to complete your look. Bron has beautiful jewelry in their collection and what's even...... Read more
  9. Ace Eternity Ring

    Ace Eternity Pave Ring White Gold   Diamonds are a girls best friend... Platinum set with diamonds on top and sides to create a stunning ring. Very comfortable to wear too! Ace Eternity Pave Material: White Gold Cut: Brilliant Carat: 3.2ct Color...... Read more