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The TAG Heuer Autavia Jack Heuer 85th Birthday CBE2111.BA0687 is a limited edition of 1932 pieces created in honor of the 85th birthday of Jack Heuer. We have it in stock at our Ace & Dik boutique!

The Autavia Jack Heuer 85th Birthday features a couple of notable changes compared to the standard issue Autavia. First of all there's the dial, which is done in silver with black sub dials, plus a fully hashed 30-minute counter. The bezel insert has scales for both 60 minutes as well as 12 hours rather than just the oversized hours. Last but not least, the case back is closed rather than open.

This shot is inspired by the glamour that international travel had back when the Autavia wristwatch originally was introduced.

Find this watch online in our eBoutique at this link!

~Dale Vito
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