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Omega Railmaster 60th Anniversary Trilogy

Today Souf and I spent some time in our studio with the Railmaster 60th Anniversary and getting the right picture was quite a challenge - it proved to be even harder to shoot than the Speedmaster from the same series! The domed crystal (sapphire for the Railmaster) paired with the black dial is a real pain when it comes to photography, and it took quite a number of shots and a fair bit of Photoshop to get to the final image.

Omega Railmaster 60th Anniversary Trilogy

For this image we decided on a simple background that would allow us to place the watch in any angle we'd like - mostly in anticipation of the difficulties of shooting a highly domed glass. Instead of the usual soft box we went with a cone paired with a reflection screen, which made it easier to try different angles for the flash.

The Omega Railmaster 60th Anniversary Trilogy is available in our eBoutique.

~Dale Vito
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