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IWC relaunched the Da Vinci collection at SIHH this year. The collection has a history of redesigned cases. The collection rose to popularity in the 1980's and was originally launched with a hexagonal case. You can read more about the history of the Da Vinci collection here. 

I picked up the all new Da Vinci Automatic Moonphase 36 ref. IW459308 from IWC to wear for a week at IWC. The watch is completely different to the watch I usually wear everyday, but you don't have to ask me twice to play dress up in nice watches. While I'm use to wearing watches and jewelry for photoshoots for @MissAceJewelers on Instagram, it was fun to take something home to get a better impression of what it's like to really wear something in my daily life.



First Impressions

When I first tried on the watch, I thought, "wow this looks good with my engagement ring." Rose gold has always been my favorite, even since my days working at a gold refinery in the diamond district. I liked how well the watch coordinates with all of my rose gold jewelry that I wear everyday. I have a really small wrist, so my taste in watches has always been something a bit more delicate. The IWC Automatic Moonphase 36 watch is quite a big bigger than I'm use to, and certainly a lot thicker. The watch was given to me with a standard length strap which fit me more like a bracelet even on the smallest hole. It wasn't possible for me to use the strap this watch is usually delivered with, it was just too big. We had a grey velour strap laying around the office which I wore all week with the IWC Da Vinci.



Out and About

Once the watch was (almost) mine, I jumped on my bike and cycled home. I could glance at the watch for literally a split second and still very quickly and clearly see what time it was. One of the first things I noticed when wearing the watch out of the office, was how easy the dial was to read. The contrast between the dark Arabic numerals, blue steel hands and bright white dial make the watch really easy to read when you're on the go.

The next morning I woke up and automatically wanted to start winding it.  We were having a team meeting over coffee and Dale said to me, " you know you don't need to wind that watch." I knew that, but winding my watch is part of my morning routine. For me winding my watch is like twirling my hair, it's just fidgeting. After another day I did break the habit and eventually liked not having to bother winding the watch.

One night I met some friends for dinner on the terrace of Envy. We picked the Michelin starred restaurant as it gets the sun for a really long time because of it's location on the Prinsengracht. I noticed the American sitting at the table next to us with his funky socks, Prada sunglasses and Rolex looking at my wrist a couple of times. I think the rose colored gold is more attention grabbing than it would have been in steel or white gold. But as I mentioned, I like the red gold case the best since it coordinates with my rose gold jewelry perfectly.



A Week Later

It took me a while to get use to the watch, but I really did enjoy wearing it. At the end of the week, I started to like the 36mm size of the watch a lot. The one thing I just wasn't able to get use to, was the thickness of the case. It is just too bulky for me. After wearing the watch all week with the grey velour strap, I don't think I'd go back to the brown alligator strap it usually comes with, even if I was able to get it in the right length. I felt like the grey strap dressed it down a lot, especially being a gold watch. I prefer the contrast of the warm gold case with the cool-toned grey strap.



The caseback of the watch is closed and has a tesselating pattern engraved on the back, inspired by the Fibonacci ratios Da Vinci used in his paintings. Although I admit I had to dig a little to make the connection- it reminded me more of Escher at first, but who says Escher and Fibonacci aren't related? The caseback is screwed in with stainless steel screws. One might aruge that gold screws are too soft, but there are gold watches screwed in with gold screws. Perhaps a solution would be to gold plate steel screws? The watch also had one red gold push pin and two stainless steel push pins, so that missed the mark for me.



I really grew to love the moonphase function on the watch. It's a nice added extra function that I wasn't use to having on my personal watch. I found myself getting excited for a full moon to come so I could post a full moon wrist shot on Instagram. Wearing the watch helped keep me in tune with the phases of the moon which I found really interesting. Fingers crossed that I can get my hands back on an IWC with a moonphase function for the next supermoon on December 3rd, 2017.

The IWC Da Vinci Automatic Moon Phase 36 ref. IW459308 retails for EUR17.800 including VAT and is available to order online here. 

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