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Nomos Club 701 / Omega 30T2


Hi there - it's Dale! A couple of months ago I bought myself a NOMOS Club 701, and in this post I'll share some of the thoughts leading up to this purchase.

I have admired NOMOS from afar for many years now. Strangely though, I never actually got my hands on one until Alon and I met with the kind folks of NOMOS during BaselWorld 2016. I tried on what must've been every single watch in their catalogue, and sealed the deal to become Authorized Dealers.

Nomos Club 701 Wristshot


Working with NOMOS and devouring every single article on them only made me appreciate the brand more, but I managed to keep urges under control for a good while. Earlier this year I decided I couldn't do it any longer. I had to have one and now was the time. But which one?!

Well, first I'll take a step back and look at NOMOS as a whole. In my view, there are very little brands that have such a distinctive look and character that's ingrained in each and every single watch made, and that have such a clear design ethos and direction. Love it or hate it, there's no denying that every single watch in their collection is 100% NOMOS.

Progress: my next watch must be a NOMOS.

Nomos Club 701 / Omega 30T2


Then, in recent years my taste has been shifting towards smaller watches preferably from the 1940's and 1950's. This culminated in the Omega 30T2 shown in this article, clocking in at about 34-35mm. The proportions are just perfect. But there's one thing to keep in mind - they must be worn with a bit more caution than modern watches. Protection against shock, dust, and humidity was just not of the level we've grown accustomed to today. So while I love my 30T2, I don't feel that comfortable wearing it in the rain, to the beach, or to the pub. Come to NOMOS, this a brand that has a whole collection of watches preserving those wonderful proportions of days that I thought were gone.

Status: it must be in 34-36mm.

Nomos Club 701 Winding


So, by now I'm ready to take the plunge, but I have not decided which one it must be. There's a wide variety of references in my preferred size range. And while I suppose they look very similar to the casual observer, to me each of them has a very distinct character. After a bit of thought I narrowed it down to either the Orion or the Club. The former has a kind of mid-sixties vibe which I love - modern yet romantic and chic. The latter on the other hand reminds me of the Rolex Bubbleback with its sturdy case and bold Arabic numerals.

I finally decided that the Club was the one to have, mainly due to its more robust case and 100m water resistance. But honestly, it could've gone either way.

Nomos Club 701 Wristshot


Status: Club it is.

  1. This is where it gets easier. Back when I was about to finalize my order, the Club in my size range only came in two flavors. At this point, there's a choice of open or closed case back, with the Dunkel model being discontinued and the new Campus 36 yet to be introduced. So, what to do? I don't care too much for an open case back, and most of my vintage watch collecting buddies I consulted tended to prefer the close back as well. On the other hand, the movement is finished rather well considering the price point, and it makes it easier to explain the brand & value when showing the watch to people who ask me about it. There's no bad choice to be made here. In the end I went with the closed case back since it was the #1 most affordable watch in the collection, which I think makes for a fun story. With the introduction of the Campus 36, it no longer is though, so the joke's on me I guess ;) .

Status: Club 701

By now I've been wearing the watch almost non-stop for 2 months, and it's exactly as I hoped it'd be. Performing flawlessly, discrete, yet with a punch load of character. And a little side note and another compliment to NOMOS: it's the only new watch that I wear on the original manufacturer's choice of strap.

NOMOS Club 36 with closed case back in our eBoutique.

~Dale Vito
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