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The watch world is full of black, white and silver dials. But some days you just feel like something else, and luckily there's more and more brands branching out with funky & vivid dials. Below we've selected a few of our favorite options, with dials from almost every color of the rainbow.



Red Dial: Bulgari Diagono Magnesium

Bulgari's Diagono Magnesium Chronograph is a fine sport watch. The bold red dial would be the perfect compliment to a fire-y red sports car. The silky finish on the ceramic bezel emphasizes the glimmering red dial. Red is associated with power, energy, and getting things done, so it's no surprise Bulgari produced this striking sports watch in this sultry hue.

Bulgari Diagono Chronograph Magnesium Red in our eBoutique



Tangerine Dial: Breitling Avenger Hurricane

Breitling's Avenger Hurricane is a big and powerful watch with a bright tangerine dial. The robust 50mm case is made from Brightlight- a material which is 3.3 times lighter than titanium, but stronger and exceptionally scratch resistant. The matte finish allows the tangerine dial to take center stage for an easy to read dial. The Avenger Hurricane is an instrument inspired by military professionals. Tangerine is a mix between red and yellow. Tangerine combines the power and strength of red, while mixing in the cheeriness from yellow.

Breitling Avenger Hurricane in our eBoutique



Green Dial: Bell & Ross BR03-92 Military Type

The Bell & Ross BR03-92 was inspired by the airplane, looking like it was taken straight out of the cockpit of a fighter jet. In this version, an olive green dial gives off a military inspired look, and would be disguised perfectly with a little bit of camouflage.

Bell & Ross BR03-92 Military Type in our eBoutique



Blue Dial: NOMOS Zürich Weltzeit nachtblau

The Nomos Zürich Weltziet in nachtblau is as cool as you'd expect it to be coming from the German watchmaking company. The world-timer is designed for those who thrive on adventure. The blue dial is subtle yet rich in style. The color blue is associated with being sincere, honest, and doesn't like to draw attention to oneself. This is Nomos in a nutshell- sincere, honest, well designed, form-follows-function watches.

NOMOS Zürich Weltzeit nachtblau in our eBoutique



Yellow Dial: NOMOS Lux Zikade

The Nomos Lux Zikade is cheerful, fun and luxe. The bright yellow dial is accented by a big white circle in the center of the tonneau shaped case. This watch is fun- plain and simple. Yellow is associated with being expressive, talkative, and creative. The Nomos Lux Zikade fits this description perfectly.

NOMOS Lux Zikade in our eBoutique



Brown Dial: IWC Pilot's Watch Double Chronograph Antoine de Saint Exupéry

IWC's Pilot Watch Double Chronograph Antoine de Saint Exupéry features a lush brown dial which emanates in the light. This stunning pilot's watch shows that one is stable in their life, yet down to earth with the neutral brown colored dial. Brown is associated with being responsible and fitting in. The IWC's Pilot Watch Double Chronograph Antoine de Saint Exupéry is sure to fit into anyone's watch collection just fine.

IWC Pilot's Watch Double Chronograph Antoine de Saint Exupéry in our eBoutique

~Dale Vito
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