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Stand out in the crowd by wearing a watch that is anything but round. In our latest volume of The Ace List, we curated four luxury timepieces that feature an uncommon caseform. Go ahead- go crazy, and wear your watch any way shape or form.




Bulgari Octo Velocissimo

The Bulgari Octo Velocissimo looks just as it sounds. It's octagonal caseform has eight stainless steel sides making up the case. The architectural design of this automatic timepiece has a different form depending on which angle you're looking at it.




Baume & Mercier Hampton

The Hampton from Baume & Mercier has a classic look with a modern touch. The rectangular stainless steel case is long yet slender. The reserved color palette has a hint of luxury with the golden hands and numerals. Wearing the Baume & Mercier Hampton, you can be both classy and peculiar at the same time.




Longines Equestrian

The Longines Equestrian features a very special case. The dial and case are actually round, however the lugs seamlessly blend into the case, creating a bowed oval form. The brown, cream, and blue color palette of this model is understated and chic.




Nomos Tetra

Last but certainly not least, the Nomos Tetra. It is no surprise that we get something quirky from Nomos. The designer-y style of the Tetra features a square dial and architectural lugs. What we love about Nomos is that no detail is too small to be considered. The round seconds subdial is a welcomed contrast to the square case.

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