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A diamond ring is one of the most symbolic pieces of jewelry a woman will receive in her life; the tradition dates back centuries. The first known diamond engagement ring was crafted for the fiance of Archduke Maximillian of Austria, Mary of Burgundy, in 1477. This inspired a trend among aristocrats, and since then, the tradition of the diamond engagement ring has only flourished.

Historically, it was very common to mix diamonds with other colored gemstones, enamel and gold. Today, the more diamonds, the better. Ladies- it is important to try on different sizes of diamonds to know how many carats fit your hand best, and to know what shape you prefer. Below are diamonds in many shapes and sizes on the hand to help with the important question to ask yourself, "what size and shape suits me best?"




Brilliant Cut Diamonds

The Brilliant cut diamond is perfectly round. A brilliant cut diamond has 58 facets. The price of a diamond per carat goes up exponentially- meaning, the price of a three carat diamond is not the same as three one carat diamonds. Brilliant cut diamonds are the most popular shape for diamond engagement rings across the world.




Marquise Cut Diamonds

Marquise diamonds are great for people with long and slender fingers. The long form is two curves that come to a point on each end. The most important thing when selecting a Marquise diamond is that the symmetry is perfect.




Pear Cut Diamonds

Pear shape diamonds are a mix between Brilliant cut diamonds and Marquise diamonds. The bottom of the Pear cut diamond is round just like a Brilliant cut, while the top of the Pear shape is pointy like the Marquise cut. Just like the Marquise cut, symmetry is also very important to consider when picking out the perfect Pear diamond.




Oval Cut Diamonds

The Oval cut diamond is basically an elongated Brilliant cut. The Oval shape is also good for someone who has long and slender fingers. The Oval cut diamond is also fun to mix and match with other diamond shapes.




Princess Cut Diamonds

Finally we have the Princess cut diamond. The Princess cut diamond is perfectly square. The Princess cut is another one of the most popular diamond cuts, next to the Brilliant cut diamond.




Bespoke Design Service

Knowing what kind of diamond you like the best makes everything easier for your man. Once you have decided on the perfect size and shape of a diamond that suits you best, our design and sales teams will do the rest. Combining our ethically sourced diamonds with our custom design process, you will feel like the luckiest girl in the world with that ring on your finger.

Read more about the 4C's of diamonds here. Contact our concierge service to discuss the possibilities of bespoke jewelry by e-mailing

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