Open letter


What is the next frontier for watchmaking?

Over the past century we’ve created watches to be worn across continents, to the highest mountain peaks, to the deepest depths of the oceans, and even on the surface of the Moon. We’ve created watches with near perfect accuracy, decorated them using our finest crafts and skills, and set them with the most precious gems available to men. We’ve created watches with complications and displays so complex it boggles the mind. So the question arises: what's next?

For us, the answer is simple: sustainability.

Because, let’s be frank for a minute. The watches we love and covet are luxury and craftmanship objects in their truest sense. They are, by any means, not necessities. As much as we crave them, we do not need them. In fact, we would be perfectly fine without them - and that would be pretty sustainable. But, naturally, a significant global industry with a centennial cultural and technical legacy, employing highly qualified individuals across the globe, must keep its craftsmanship and products relevant and desirable. That’s why we have to aim for the next best thing: watches with as little impact on the environment as possible.

Watches which are built according to measurable sustainable criteria; benchmarks that can be continuously improved upon so that, year after year, the entire supply chain can progress until the majority of the volumes will be more sustainably produced and at affordable prices.

We know it’s possible, because with the CB01 GMT X ACE we reach a sustainability score of 87,59%.

What is the CB01?

This watch is the brainchild of Cedric Bellon, who designed it from the ground up to minimize the environmental impact of its production. It’s manufactured circularly, efficiently and locally; thereby minimizing component transports, C02 production, energy consumption and waste. It uses the minimum parts necessary and wears finishes that eliminate the need for galvanic processes, paints, inks, glues and tanning chemicals. The case, dial and buckle are machined from 100% recycled, certified and traceable stainless steel. It uses a repurposed mechanical movement encased in a timeless design made to be worn for a lifetime; maybe more. The result? A watch that not only looks the part, but is also twice as sustainable when compared to similarly priced Swiss made watch - and yes, we have the numbers to back that up!

Now we encourage you to achieve a better sustainability score with your next watch.

For a responsible industry. For a new relevance of watchmaking craftsmanship. For the development of new skills. For a more sustainable future.

How will you do better for your next watch?

Passionately yours,

CB X ACE Limited Edition

With ownership comes responsibility

It was destiny that the life paths of Cedric Bellon and Alon Ben Joseph, two extremely passionate watch industry veterans would one day converge.

Cedric Bellon, a renowned watch designer, always dreamt about making the watch industry more sustainable and Alon Ben Joseph, watch retail entrepreneur and co-CEO of Ace Jewelers, always dreamt about ways to make peoples lives better through technology and emotional luxury products.

When Alon discovered Cedric’s CB01, the first circular produced watch from 100% recycled stainless steel, he was blown away by the design and the production concept. Instinctively, he knew it was a game changer for the industry and for improving the lives of people.

The story goes that he immediately subscribed to the of watch and eventually met Cedric personally. Soon into their first meeting both realised that there was a missing link in the circularity of the concept: watch retail.

For Alon the link was the fact that retail is in direct contact with both the public and the watch companies; the ideal interface to communicate a culture of sustainability, to drive demand for sustainable watches and to stimulate watch companies to supply it.

The natural and logical conclusion was to become sustainability co-messengers by doing what they are both best at: creating a special watch. The CB X ACE idea was born.

The CB x ACE had to be not only a watch. It had to be a vehicle, a true story for communicating the importance (and feasibility) of sustainable watch production. A message to the watch enthusiasts community who, in turn, had to convey it to the mass market; because this was the final goal: substituting mass production with mass sustainable production; only then will the watch industry have done its job.

The resulting CB x ACE is truly more than a limited edition watch. It is a call for action and the proof that uniting sustainable watch production, beauty and affordability is indeed possible.

With the CB01 GMT ACE, Cedric Bellon and Alon Ben Joseph passionately join forces to advocate for a more virtuous watch industry. By owning a CB x ACE you become a co-messenger too. You will wear a story you can pass on to others and which others can in turn pass-on.

A story which, if told enough times, will become the story of an industry that changed to improve our lives. An ACE story, excel, innovate, change.

CB X ACE. With ownership comes responsibility.

The CB01 GMT ACE will be launched end January 2023 in very limited edition. You can sign-up to keep updated and to reserve your place on the priority list.