We've teamed up with watch designer Cedric Bellon to create a [highly] limited edition version of the CB01 GMT!

The CB01 GMT is a rugged tool watch designed and produced with sustainability in mind. We gave it our signature Ace spin and injected it with a dose of Amsterdam valour. The result? It' s better than we could've imagined!

The Ace x Cedric Bellon CB01 GMT is being produced via the Watch Angels platform. This Tuesday, our guest for The Ace List Live is Watch Angels' CEO Guido Benedini. If we're lucky, he might bring the prototype, so make sure to tune in! To learn more about the standard production version of the CB01 GMT, and the circularity concept behind it, please click here.

Interested? Register your interest and sign up via Watch Angels! Production is very limited and the watches are sold on a first come, first serve basis.