An original Ace Jewelers Podcast Series: "The Art of Collecting Wristwatches"
Season One, Episode 10: Andrea a.k.a. @accumulatingtime

Ace Podcast S01E10 Andrea

This is an exclusive audio online episode of the podcast series "The Art of Collecting Wristwatches" by Ace Jewelers. In this series we interview wristwatch collectors all over the world. We want to find out what makes them tick.

We are truly hubled that Andrea a.k.a. @accumulatingtime on Instragram, found the time to sit down with Alon Ben Joseph. We are not only excited that she has decided to come on the show as she is the first female collector to sit with us, but also as she is the better half of Garry a.k.a @swiss_made_obsession - episode 4 in this series. Due to peer pressure of the #WatchFam community she got persued to come on. Enjoy this episode where she shares how she got infected with the watch collecting bug, how she got her hubby G infected too and where this journey is taking her.

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Fun Fact: Andrea and Garry started by sharing an Instagram account together, but now she has branched out.

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