We're not into wearing matching outfits. Not at all. However, we're all for wearing matching watches. It's just so much fun. You know. Your better half knows. Perhaps some of your watch-savvy friends may notice. But otherwise? It's a discrete pleasure. A private connection to the one close to your heart.

Below a few of our suggestions for top-tier matches made in heaven. Looking for something different? Drop by at our Ace & Dik boutique for tailored advice or drop us an email / text!

NOMOS: Tangente

The Tangente is NOMOS' signature model. We've paired the 'Midnight Blue' ref 167 with the 'Duo' 120. A great pair that's just different enough to fly under the radar.

Omega: Speedmaster

For the speed-minded couple we've put together a pair of Speedmasters. First up is the classic -though sapphire front & back - Speedy Pro ref. 31130423001006. Its partner in crime is the ref. 324., which could be described as a Speedmaster 38 Co-Axial dressing up as a Professional. Timeless.

Tudor: Black Bay S&G

For this pair we're going steel & gold. Two tone baby! Or S&G as Tudor puts it. One is the 36mm Black Bay, the other the 41mm Black Bay Chrono. Sporty with a touch of bling. m79363n-0001 m79503-0001

Breitling: SuperOcean

The new SuperOcean comes in a range of sizes. With its case size of 44mm, ref. A17367D81C1S1 sits on the upper-end - though there's two larger sizes available. At 36mm, the A17316D21A1A1 is currently the smallest size SuperOcean available. Don't they look good together?