Back in late November we introduced the NOMOS Tangomat A Century of Bauhaus. At the time we only had the imagery provided by NOMOS, but no longer: here's our live shots of these three limited edition watches!

The NOMOS Tangomat A Century of Bauhaus were presented (and delivered) on the new stainless steel bracelet. For this shoot I put them on black leather straps though, mimicking the look of the Tangente A Century of Bauhaus that preceded these. Like the look? We'll include one with your purchase, so you can decide for your self which look you like best.

Reference 601.S10 with the red minute track.

Reference 601.S11 with the blue minute track.

Reference 601.S12 with the yellow minute track.

Which color do you like best? I'm partial to the yellow-ringed 601.S12 myself. In any case the Tangomat A Century of Bauhaus is a stunner though. It is a perfect opportunity for those of you that missed out on the release of the Tangente A Century of Bauhaus - or those that prefer a tad more body to their watches (37.5mm at a height of 6.7mm for the Tangente 38 versus 38.3mm at a height of 8.2mm for this).

Price is EUR 2.520 incl. VAT / EUR 2.083 ex VAT.