On November 22nd, we had the pleasure to welcome the entire Nanis collection to Ace & Dik Jewelers for a trunk show in the afternoon, followed by a private dinner in the boutique with some of our special guests. The leading woman behind the brand, Laura Bicego was in attendance for an intimate evening filled with delicious food and fabulous jewelry. The evening was filled with a four course meal paired with Italian wines and prosecco. Here are some of our favorite pieces from day with Nanis Italian Jewels.



Here is a close up of the necklace Alon is trying to figure out if he can pull off in the photo above =) This necklace very long and can be wrapped around the neck multiple times to create versatile looks, something Nanis is known for. Her jewelry is truly an investment as one can wear the pieces in so many different ways. While the design itself isn't as revolutionary as some of her other necklaces (ahem, the Trasformista, anyone?) but what is unique about this piece is the pattern Laura decided to make with the stones. The predictable pattern would have been to do Amethyst, Aquamarine, Citroen, and then Smokey Quartz, and repeat. This Nanis necklace is made up with gemstones that coordinate in any pattern, so no real organization of the stones was even necessary. I love how that even with a classic style of necklace, Nanis was able to pull of a new design to really make it her own.



Sensory overload with the energy of Laura Bicego, exquisite jewels, and delicious food.


The Dancing in the Rain twist ring set with champagne diamonds. Swoon!



Wow- I have no words except, what an #ArmParty!!! This is a exquisite, one of a kind ring that was first presented at our Nanis event in November 2016. The lucky owner of the ring is considering adding to the coordinating Ipanema bracelet in white gold, smokey quartz and diamonds to her Nanis collection. Arm parties just don't get any better than this.



Happy days at Ace with Laura Bicego of Nanis. I mean, who wouldn't be smiling at an evening filled with gorgeous jewels and gems?



Another stunner from the Ipanema collection. This cocktail ring features exquisite, soft rose quartz set in 18 karat rose gold.




Cheers to gold and diamonds by Nanis Italian Jewels! Pictured here is Laura wearing her Trasformista bracelets with both black and white diamonds. The black diamond version is new, and we are proud to be one of the first retailers to show off these new pieces to our clients. She is also wearing her Dancing in the rain rings. One ring is the normal ring that sits all the way down the finger, and the other one is the knuckle ring that is very on trend right now. Laura is such a fashionista, it is no surprise her jewelry is with the current trends. I think one of my favorite pieces from the evening was her necklace. This necklace, in true Nanis fashion, can be worn two different ways. One side of the necklace is actually the clasp that is so well designed that it can be worn in front to create a gold and moonstone collar. The necklace can also be worn the other way around (see the following picture) where the necklace lays beautifully along the collar of her top.



More Dancing in the Rain rings. These are playful and fun in black and champagne diamonds, set in matte yellow gold.






The Cachemire collection is less known than the Trasformista or Dancing in the Rain collection, but it is one of my favorites. The paisley shaped form is soft and I love the way the shapes mirror each other in these rings, creating a tessellation for your hand. The Cachemire collection was inspired by the harvest, so it is particularly fitting for this time of year. Do you like the ring on the right or left better?


Laura with her lovely assistant Elena from Nanis Italian Jewels.It is always such a pleasure to welcome them to Amsterdam!



Another close up of this stunning Ipanema bracelet. The cool tones of the matte white gold combined with the smokey quartz and diamonds is just exquisite. Sometimes I would think wearing a bracelet this big would not be comfortable, but that is exactly the opposite! This bracelet lays so nicely on the wrist and the gold is so soft. The connections on this bracelet is another example of something that Laura does so well when designing jewelry. One doesn't even notice how the settings are connected, which can be difficult to do in my opinion. This bracelet is just perfection.



I was excited to see after Baselworld this year Nanis added bangles to the collection. These 18 karat yellow gold bangles can be stacked and layered, or worn in their own. The finish on these bracelets is the soft matte finish Nanis is famous for. Just like the Ipanema bracelet from above, these bracelets couldn't be softer. at the end of each cuff are the bulbous forms from the Dancing in the Rain collection. Accenting the soft, warm gold are pave black or white diamonds. With Nanis Jewelry, the gold is so beautiful, that her jewelry doesn't need a lot of diamonds. These bracelets have just the right amount of sparkle if you ask me.



All great evenings come to an end. We had so much fun hosting Nanis and our special guests for the private dinner at Ace. Thank you for joining us!

Did you miss the Nanis trunk show? Come by to Ace & Dik to see our permanent Nanis collection, or shop online here.