The Hamilton Watch Company was founded in Lancaster, Pennsylvania (USA) in 1892. Its first series of pocket watches, Broadway Limited, became known as the “Watch of Railroad Accuracy”.

During the second decade of the 20th century Hamilton gained the prestigious rank of supplier to the US Armed Forces. During World War II, Hamilton stopped production of watches for consumers to concentrate on the huge task of providing the forces with a total of one million timepieces.

The secret assignment, “Project X”, lasted three years and in 1957 resulted in the introduction of the Ventura, the world’s first electric (battery-powered) watch. At 12.01 New York Time, on May 6, 1970, the world’s first digital watch started measuring time – made by Hamilton.

The special Hamilton/Hollywood relationship continued with roles in such films as Men in Black, Lethal Weapon 4, Fight Club, Independence Day, The Talented Mr. Ripley and You’ve Got Mail.

Hamilton made its mark on the world of horology by creating the world’s first battery-driven electrical watch, the legendary Ventura. Stamped with the seal of pioneers, the iconic Ventura has returned to centre stage more than a half century later in this limited-edition XXL interpretation. While it has preserved its highly emblematic triangular shape in a more generous dimension, the Ventura XXL Automatic is now powered by an automatic mechanical movement and its design has taken on a novel and futuristic identity.

Automatic ETA 2824-2 / H4

Hours, minutes and seconds

Anthracite PVD-treated steel, 42 mm
Sapphire crystal
Water-resistant to 50 m


Black rubber

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