Today Team Ace started the day by visiting Hall 1.0 of BaselWorld! Hereby an impression when you enter the hall:

Basel Hall 1.0
Basel Hall 1.0

We even found the biggest chief of the Swatch Group (Nick Hayek Jr., CEO) dragging chairs to prepare a meeting:

Nick Hayek Jr.
Nick Hayek Jr.

During the first meeting we ordered the newest Rado models:

- Maxi Ceramica Chronograph
- True Chronographs
- Complete new Sintra Family Collection
- Basel Limited Edition Sintra Set (1500 pieces world wide) of which Ace & Spyer Jewelers will hopefully receive a set in the Autumn 2008 (see picture):

Rado Limited Edition Set
Rado Sintra Limited Edition Set

Afterwards we visited the Longines stand and ordered some special pieces! We also had the pleasure and honor to see the unique Master Four Retrograde work (see picture). Longines also introduced a complete new family: Admiral collection of which only 50 pieces will come to The Netherlands in 2008. Ace & Spyer Jewelers on the Koningsplein will be one of the ten Longines retailers that will have this colelction. Longines also created a classic and elegant dress watch in 39mm with the only Longines manufacture L990 movement, which will be produced in a limited series of 1000 pieces. Ace & Dik Jewelers hopes to receive a version:

Longines 4x
Longines Master Collection Retrograde

L990 Front
Longines L990 Limited Edition

Longines L990 back
Longines manufacture L990 Back

TAG Heuer announced a couple of months ago that they would create mobile phones, it is still not clear when they will be launched and how they will look like, but most probably they will be inspired by the TAG Heuer Monaco, have a battery life of a MONTH and retail around EUR 4.000,--

Last year TAG Heuer introduced the Grande Carrera collection in several countries and hopefully 15 retailers will be honored to present these collection in May in the Netherlands: Ace & Dik Jewelers and Ace & Spyer Jewelers will be two of the fifteen. We ordered all limited edtions that will be presented, the pink gold Grande Carrera RS made in a series of 500 pieces and here below the full black version of 1000 pieces:

Grande Carrera RS2

Afterwards we really had an exciting meeting with our Swiss partner that is producing our own ACE WATCH. It is still a secret how the watch will look like, but we received good news today that we did get our hands on the 100 pieces of the Valjoux 7750 (there is a giantic waiting list at ETA):

Ace Watch
A Sneak Preview of the ACE WATCH ;)

Our last meetings where at U-Boat & Welder which presented amazing new models:

- Flightdeck they are now making in 55mm / 50mm / 43mm
- Thousand Feets they now will make in automatic versions
- They made a Classica in black ceramic
- They made all the new models with 'smoked' glass on the back and also some with the top glass:

Smoke U-Boat
U-boat Thousand Feets in black PVD Automatic "SMOKED"

Welder is the daughter brand of U-Boat and soley makes quartz watches, but what an amazing models:

Welder K29
Welder K29 in 53mm and retails at EUR 895,-- soon available at Ace Jewelers Leidsestraat.

Welder K30 Side
Side view of Welder K28 with REAL shock absorbers!

K30 crows
Welder K28 side view of the Crown (steering wheel) and Push Pieces (Race Pedals)!

The retail price of the Welder K28 will be around EUR 950 and has a case diameter of 50mm.

Tomorrow more news from BaselWorld! Stay tuned.