Friday I visited an Apple store and it amazed me how similar the service at Ace Jewelers is compared to the service provided in the Apple stores. Of course, I am not objective, since I am a part of Team Ace, but on the other hand I can see the similarities, because I am a retail manager. On top of that I need to mention, that I am not completely objective about Apple either, since I am a huge MacFan...

Apple stands out in its simplicity. Simplicity in: design, (software) usage, retail experience, innovation and communication & marketing. I will try to explain the similarities per unique selling point:

1. Simplicity in design: Ace designs its own jewelry since 1975 and this year (2008) we will launch our own Swiss made wrist watch (details will follow soon). In our designs we also truly believe in the simplicity of: less = MORE! We wish to create minimalistic pieces of art that will last for generations. See our Advertisement for an example.

2. Simplicity in usage: Well... We are not an IT-company, but we truly believe in simplicity of usage and comfortable wear. That means that a watch should be easy to understand and use. Of course every piece of jewelry and watches should be comfortable to wear. We always try to create a satin finish on our products for a smooth touch on your skin.

3. Simplicity in retail experience: Ace Jewelers has been founded by the Ben Joseph Family and still everyday a family member tries to welcome you in an Ace Store as if we are welcoming you in to our home. Like Apple, we give daily tutorials on an one-on-one basis. We have a warm ambiance with well trained staffs that have all the time in the world to fulfill your every 'diamond' need and 'golden' dreams.

Breitling for Bentley Corner

4. Simplicity in innovation: Although our profession is an ancient one, we still daily try to innovate our manufacturing techniques, but also the products we create. Time pieces have always been considered instruments and have been innovated annually, not only in types of functionality, but also materials. In jewelry we use laser-calibrated diamonds and microscopically set gems.

5. Simplicity in communication & marketing: Apple has clean cut advertisements and images of their products are the core of the communication. A great example of simplicity in marketing by Apple: the launch of a new macbook they call: Thinnovation, the thinnest macbook ever. As the saying goes: An image says a thousand words ;) In the Ace Advertisement we try to communicate who we are and what we do in as less as possible words, that is why we also choose to let our products 'speak'. We try to communicate what we mean with our slogan: Add Some Ace To Your Life...

Ace Jewelers

We hope that we succeed in doing that. Please share your thoughts with us.

Your faithfully,

Alon Ben Joseph
CEO of Ace Jewelers Group