To buy online, or not to buy online, that is the question...

Do you buy watches and/or jewelry online? If not, do you want to? What is the reason you do not yet? PLEASE SHARE YOU OPINION, EXPERIENCES AND THOUGHTS HERE.

The CEO of Gucci, Robert Polet, told the Financial Times Deutschland: “I am sure that online sales will be our biggest business in the future. “The Internet is a fantastic environment in which to sell products.” Luxury good groups have been wary of selling their products online, out of concern that it could harm their image and did not offer sufficient protection against fake merchandise. But Gucci recently started selling its brands Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent over the Internet, and also sells Boucheron jewellery online.

The funny thing is that Ace Jewelers Group is an official retailer of Gucci Timepieces and the only one in the Netherlands that officially sells Gucci Jewellery, but we are NOT permitted to sell the merchandise online... Ace Jewelers is online since 1996, but still does not facilitate an e-commerce enviroment, simply because all the brands we represent do NOT permit us to sell online.

In 2007 our current website ( or has been nominated and awarded the best Dutch jewelers website by the Dutch trade magazine "Edelmetaal", for full article: .

At this very moment we started to work on the concept of a new website for Ace Jewelers Group, we are curious what you think of our current website and what you would love to see in/at/on our new website.

Alon Ben Joseph
CEO Ace Jewelers Group

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