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We are proud and honoured to welcome you to our second store, the Ace eBoutique: ""!

Ace Jewelers has been online since 1998 and after 10 years of developing we presented a secure and innovative e-commerce website. A website where we try to serve you with the same service you are used in our physical boutique in Amsterdam. In 2013 we relaunched a complete new eBoutique and on a daily basis we modify the site to enhance the user experience for you.

With the launch of our eboutique and the creation of a dedicated Ace Concierge Team for our website, Ace Jewelers Group stared with its new multichannel strategy. This means that we have transformed and evolved our business from a classic retail organisation into a hybrid enterprise that embraces e-tail (e-commerce), retail and an in-house concierge service. We decided to implement a new strategy bearing one reason in mind: To serve you in a better and modern way.

Here at Ace Jewelers, in name of all our associates and The Ben Joseph Family, we want to welcome you again in our boutique in the heart of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. In case you will not visit the Diamond City of the World, please do note that we ship orders free of charge all over the world. And, for non-EU residents, we even send them tax free!

Yours truly,

Ace Jewelers Group


Alon Ben Joseph
Managing Director

P.S. In case you are not familiar with our company, here are ten reasons why to shop at

1. Ace Jewelers is an official retailer of each brand presented on this site.
2. Each order with a value over EUR 500 will be shipped free of charge.
3. We do not charge additional costs when placing an order. 
4. Ace has a meticulous reputation in this industry since 1975.
5. Real jewelers with a physical store in the city center of Amsterdam (The Netherlands, Europe).
6. Personal Service: We contact you personally to update you about your order.
7. No satisfied with your order, order refunded. Fourteen days to contemplate.
8. After Sales Service managed in our own workshops.
9. Each product comes with an international warranty. 
10. Ace Jewelers is a member of many respectable industry associations.