Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Ace Jewelers FAQ
Do you have a question about online shopping at Ace Jewelers? We may have answered this question previously so please check our FAQ (frequently asked questions) section. If this is however not the case, please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact page


  1. 1.1 What products are classified as accessories?


  1. 2.1 Where do Ace Jewelers diamonds come from?

  2. 2.2 What is Ace Jewelers doing to prevent the use of conflict diamonds in Ace Jewelers Jewelry?

  3. 2.3 How does the Kimberley Process work?

  4. 2.4 What is the Kimberley Process?

  5. 2.5 What is a conflict diamond?

  6. 2.6 What is the Ace Jewelers Diamond Policy?

General FAQ's

  1. 3.1 How can I place an order

  2. 3.2 Do I get a confirmation if I have placed an order?

  3. 3.3 I have not received my confirmation, why is that?

  4. 3.4 Can I order by Telephone or fax?

  5. 3.5 Why should I order through Ace Jewelers?

  6. 3.6 When will my order be delivered?

  7. 3.7 How much are the shipping costs?

  8. 3.8 Can I pick up my order in person?

  9. 3.9 Can I have my order delivered to another address other than my own?

  10. 3.10 Is it possible to pay with cash?

  11. 3.11 Is it possible to pay with PIN/Chipknip?

  12. 3.12 Is it possible to pay with my Credit Card?

  13. 3.13 Is it possible to pay by bank transfer/wire?

  14. 3.14 Is it possible to pay with my Ace Store Credit?

  15. 3.15 Is it possible to pay with iDeal?

  16. 3.16 Can I place an order and make a down payment?

  17. 3.17 Is it possible to send Ace Jewelers an email?

  18. 3.18 Is it possible to contact Ace Jewelers by phone?

  19. 3.19 Is it possible to chat with Ace Jewelers?

  20. 3.20 Where can I send my complaint?

  21. 3.21 Is it possible to return items?

  22. 3.22 Are there any extra costs involved when returning an order?

  23. 3.23 Where should I send the returning item to?


  1. 4.1 How do I care for my diamond jewelry?

  2. 4.2 How do I care for my pearls?

  3. 4.3 How can I store my pearls?


  1. 5.1 What does Ace Jewelers define as service?

  2. 5.2 Is Ace Jewelers an authorised dealer of all listed products?

  3. 5.3 When I buy at Ace Jewelers, will I get warranty?

  4. 5.4 Can I go to Ace Jewelers for service and repairs?

  5. 5.5 Can I get an appraisal report for my jewelry and/or watches from Ace Jewelers?

  6. 5.6 Is it possible to shop Tax Free at Ace Jewelers?


  1. 6.1 Watch manufacturers advise to have mechanical watches serviced regularly even if they are working fine. Why is that?

  2. 6.2 How often does a mechanical watch need to be serviced?

  3. 6.3 What happens to my watch when it goes in to be serviced?

  4. 6.4 Can I get my watch repaired or overhauled at Ace Jewelers?

  5. 6.5 How much does an overhaul cost?

  6. 6.6 How long does my watch have to remain at the service centre or shop?

  7. 6.7 Do quartz watches need to be serviced like mechanical ones?