Concierge Service

Ace Concierge Service

Add Some ACE To Your Life!

The Ace Jewelers Group consists of a boutique and an international eBoutique plus an exclusive Concierge Team, each dedicated to bringing top-of-the-line service to discerning individuals looking for exceptional luxury jewelry and watches. With countless years of experience in the luxury industry, it is now time we offer the next step in personalized service to our treasured clients: the Ace Concierge Service.

Most of us have experienced that finding your way in an unknown city can be hard and time consuming. Especially if you are looking for a unique and luxurious experience while avoiding the beaten paths and obvious tourist traps! When visiting the beautiful city of Amsterdam, the Ace Concierge Service has the local knowledge needed to find the latest hot spots. Our passion for luxury, lifestyle and unrivaled level of service guarantee we can help you find the very top in art exhibitions and boutiques, the hottest clubs and the best restaurants.

Whether you are looking for the undisputed best or undiscovered little gems, regardless if you are staying a month or just a few days: the Ace Concierge Service is available to cater to all your dreams and wishes in a personal way, tailored to your very needs. Tell us what you are looking for and we shall see it fulfilled!

Direct contact details:
Phone: +31203031900