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Corporate Account at Ace
The Ace Jewelers Group is not only a retail organisation that focuses on personal service, but is also very proud to cater national and international companies and governments and consider them long term clients.

We take our own slogan: "Add Some Ace To Your Life" very seriously and for companies we always aim to be of added value, by offering custom made business solutions.

This website is created for personal purchases. For our business partners we have developed a seperate and program. In case you wish to be informed how Ace Jewelers Group can be of added value for your organisation, please contact our head quarters:

Ace Jewelers Group
Van Baerlestraat 46
The Netherlands

T: +31 20 30 31 900
F: +31 20 30 31 909

Promotional Gifts & Premiums
The Ace Jewelers Group can make a custom made proposal for your personal and business gits, corporate premiums and promotional gifts. We do not only supply the merchandise, but offer you services like: design and create corporate gift plans, consult you about gifts and you can even outsource your program of gift management to us. We manage programs for several organisations, where we track dates, send the items to the recepient and take care of after sales service.  Of course we can design and decorate gifts with personalized (hand) engravings, like: 

- Wrist watches (with your own logo), 
- Pocket watches (with your own logo), 
- Golden watch for a special occasion with unique and personal hand engravement, |
- Cufflinks (with your own logo), 

Promote your company to Ace
Ace Jewelers Group has a centralized purchasing department for merchandise, marketing and services.

In case you wish to promote your company and conduct business with Ace Jewelers Group and you believe that you can be of added value for our organisation, we gladly would like to learn your 'unique selling point'.

You can recommend and promote your merchandise and services via our dedicated e-mail address:

Although we prefer to receive information digitally, we understand that some things can't be send in a digital manner. Therefore, you can us the following mail address:

Ace Jewelers Group
Attn.: Buying Department
Van Baerlestraat 46
1071 AZ Amsterdam
The Netherlands

We aim to respond to your message within 5 days after receiving your information.