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  • Diamonds, Carats and Carob Seeds

    Diamonds are considered as one of the most sought after natural materials that the world has to offer. After all, who doesn't get mesmerized by the sparkle and glimmer on a perfectly cut diamond?


    600 6ct royal asscher

     Image Courtesy of Ace Photo Studio.


    Whether you prefer a half carat diamond or something loud and proud such as this six carat Royal Asscher Brilliant, the most important thing is that you pick out a diamond that fits your style and taste. In some areas of the world, a two carat diamond is the end-all-be-all of engagement rings. In other corners of the world, less IS more when it comes to diamond carat weight. Luckily, at the end of the day, the size of the diamond does not equate to the love one has for another.


    600 ace tulip ring

     Image Courtesy of Ace Photo Studio.


    There is actually a much more interesting story as to how diamond carat weight came to be. Centuries ago, early gem traders needed something to weigh out the diamonds before selling them. Carob seeds come from the Carob tree, which is found across the Mediterranean region, Africa, the Middle East and in the Canary Islands. The tiny little seeds found inside the carob tree leaves are all almost the exact same weight. Carob seeds were from then on out used to measure the weight of a diamond. Hence the name, carat, is used for the measurement of a diamond.


    600 diamond

     Image Courtesy of Ace Photo Studio.


    Present day, one carat weighs exactly 0.20 grams. While there use to be a tiny difference in weight when it comes to carob seeds, now a carat is officially the exact same weight world wide. Sometimes, you will also hear diamonds be referred to as a 50 point diamond. One 50 point diamond is the same thing as half a carat. Luckily today, with all of the modern technology, carob seeds are no longer used to weigh diamonds. This filters out any variant that can effect the actual weight of a diamond.


    600 carob-seed

     Image courtesy of Radiant London.


    You can read more about the clarity, cut, and color of diamonds online here.

  • Ace Jewelers Halloween Special x Bron Jewelry


    600 Ace Jewelers Bron Ring Zombie Halloween Creepy-1


    Stacking rings are always a great investment. The ease of mixing and matching your ring collection allows you to be festive at anytime of year. Just because it is Halloween, doesn't mean you can't match your ring game to the season. With just a little black and orange, blood and guts, your friends will be wondering how you made your costume look both scary and luxurious. Thanks to Bron Jewelry, we have never felt so ready for Halloween.

    The stacking rings by Bron come in a variety of colors, so you really can have a ring to help you celebrate every holiday of the year. In my opinion, the more, the merrier when it comes to stacking rings. You can come try on our entire Bron collection at Ace & Spyer or Ace & Dik. We also have our Bron collection online in our eBoutique here.

  • Ace Jewelers Halloween Special x Nomos Midnight Blue

    Halloween costume contests get more and more competitive every year. While you may go all out on the blood and guts for your costume, sometimes you just want a practical watch with a hint of orange to know exactly when the clock strikes midnight on October 31st.




    The newest midnight blue models from Nomos have just arrived at Ace & Dik Jewelers, and in our eBoutique These stunning models, the Tangente, Metro, and Minimatik, feature the deep midnight blue dial. Each model features an orange small seconds hand to give you just little bit of a Halloween vibe. The midnight blue models are actually some of the dressier models from Nomos. These watches will be the perfect fit to take you from Halloween all the way into the New Year.

    Come try on these brand new models today at Ace & Dik Jewelers, or discover them online here. IN STOCK (but not for long!)

  • Ace Jewelers Halloween Special x Bell & Ross Skull Burn

    There's nothing more edgy and cool than the Skull Burn from Bell & Ross. If it is Halloween, then there couldn't be a better watch to wear in October.  After all, 'Tis the season for all things spooky. To end the creepiest month of the year is Halloween on October 31st, where ghosts, zombies, and monsters can creep up on you at anytime.


    600 Ace Jewelers Bell Ross BR Skull Tattoo Halloween Creepy mid-1


    This ultra cool watch is limited 500 pieces. The 46mm stainless steel case is engraved and filled by hand with black lacquer to bring out the design. The skull takes center stage on the dial and is balanced by the cross bones to complete the case design. The dark brown crocodile strap adds a luxurious touch. The Skull Burn is powered by the self-winding caliber BR-CAL.302 which has a 38 hour power reserve.

    We have this model in stock at Ace & Spyer Jewelers, and it is available online in our eBoutique here.

  • Ace Jewelers Halloween Special x Breitling Avenger Blackbird

    There's nothing better than an all black watch to coordinate with your zombie Halloween costume. The red detailing on the seconds hand will match any excess blood you come across while out hunting for other zombies.


    600 Ace Jewelers Breitling Avenger Blackbird Zombie Zombling Creepy-1


    Fun and games aside, the Breitling Avenger Blackbird is a robust and cool model. The 46mm black coated titanium case is sure to prove the test of time. The easy to read dial is volcano black and has everything that you need. A simple index with the date located at 3 o'clock. This watch is waterproofed to 300 meters, so it will be able to withstand your most extreme adventures. The watch is fitted with an anthracite or green military strap.

    We have this model in stock in our boutique, Ace & Spyer Jewelers. You can also find it online in our eBoutique here.

  • Ace Jewelers Halloween Special x Pig & Hen

    Halloween is just around the corner on October 31st. The bracelets from Pig & Hen are all handmade in Amsterdam from authentic shipping rope. Shipping rope was used on ships that sailed to all corners of the world in the 19th century. The sailing bracelet design of this bracelet is perfect for those who are dressing up as a pirate this year.


    600 Ace Jewelers Pig & Hen Halloween Creepy-1


    Pig & Hen is our newest brand that we have added to our collection at Ace & Spyer Jewelers. The easy to wear, casual bracelets are the perfect accessory to your favorite watch. You can find this bracelet online here, or stop by Ace & Spyer Jewelers to see it in person.

  • Ace Jewelers Local Hero: 10% off Designer Handbags at L'Etoile de Saint Honoré

    Team Ace is crazy about luxury items. While we get our daily dose of jewelry, watches and luxury writing instruments every day in one of our boutiques, there is also something nice about carrying a designer bag for all of our essentials. Our neighbors, L'Etoile de Saint Honoré are located just one block away from our boutique, Ace & Spyer Jewelers. We have watched their business grow over the last three years, and they now have three locations around Amsterdam.


    600 st honore 2


    "We started our first boutique on the Oude Spiegelstraat around three years ago. Since then we have opened two more boutiques, one of the Reestraat and one on the Heiligeweg just next to Ace & Spyer. We feel that there is no better way to invest in luxury items than in accessories that you can use everyday," says boutique manager Bo.


    600 st honore 1


    We feel the same way about jewelry and watches, and with this common connection on luxury, we decided to make L'Etoile our newest Local Hero. To celebrate, L'Etoile St. Honore is offering all customers of Ace Jewelers 10% off their entire purchase until the end of 2016 at all three locations. Just show the Ace Jewelers newsletter when making your purchase. L'Etoile de Saint Honore is open every day of the week, just like Ace Jewelers.


    600 st honore


    LÉtoile de Saint Honore
    Heiligeweg 9
    1012 XN Amsterdam

    Oude Spiegelstraat 1
    1016 BM Amsterdam

    Reestraat 24
    1016 DN Amsterdam

    Monday-Thursday 12.00-18.00 hours
    Friday-Saturday 11.00-18.00
    Sunday 12.00-17.00 hours

    Stay tuned for more deals and offers!

  • Ace Fine Jewelry Diamond Drop Earrings

    600 ace fine jewelry diamond dangle earrings ace jewelers amsterdam-1 (1)


    Ace Fine Jewelry combines timeless designs with quality, conflict free diamonds to make you sparkle all day or night. These tear drop pave diamond earrings can be worn three different ways, allowing you to get the most out of a single pair of earrings.


    Ace Fine Jewelry Drop Earrings 2


    These earrings are hand crafted in 18 karat white gold, and set with diamonds totaling over 1.5 carats. The round studs at the top of the earring can be worn with or without the pave diamond tear drop dangling from below. The tear drop attaches to the ear post and can be worn either in front or behind the ear lobe.


    Ace Fine Jewelry Drop Earrings 1


    Ear jackets are very fashionable in the jewelry world at the moment. The fact that these earrings can be worn in multiple ways make them a very practical choice that will withstand the ever changing styles in fashion.

    These earrings are available in store at Ace & Dik Jewelers, and online here. 

  • Ace Jewelers Local Hero: Special offer on Henri Giraud Champagne at Pasteuning Wijn & Catering

    We love our neighbors here in the Oud Zuid in Amsterdam. Just around the corner from Ace & Dik Jewelers is Pasteuning Wijn & Catering. The specialty wine store has been located on Willemsparkweg for over 100 years. The rich family history at Pasteuning Wijn & Catering and their successful business is an inspiration to us here at Ace, and for that reason Erik Muller is our newest Local Hero.


    600 pasteuning


    "I am the fifth generation to run Pasteuning Wijn & Catering. We love sharing our favorite wines and delicacies with our neighbors. In September, Henri Giraud Champagne was voted the best champagne available in Holland. We are proud to carry a wide assortment of Henri Giraud Champagne," said Erik Muller.


    600 henri_giraud_hommage_klein


    In honor of being our newest Local Hero, Pasteuning Wijn & Catering is offering all customers of Ace 10% off a bottle of Genri Giraud Champagne (0.75L, 1.5L or 3.0L) for the whole month of October. Just show the Ace Jewelers newsletter when paying in the store. You can also order online here, where you can fill in the discount code ACE at checkout. 

    Pasteuning Wijn & Catering
    Willemsparkweg 11
    1071 GN Amsterdam
    +31 20 6622455
    Maandag-Vrijdag 7.30-18.30
    Zaterdag 8.30-17.30

    Stay tuned for more offers!

  • Pig & Hen Bracelets are now available at Ace & Spyer Jewelers!

    Jewelry for men has always lagged behind the endless options available for women. As a jeweler myself, I have never been too impressed with what was on the market for men, until now.


    600 pig and hen ace jewelers -4


    Ace Jewelers has just introduced a brand new collection of bracelets for men, now available at Ace & Spyer Jewelers. Pig & Hen bracelets are handcrafted in Amsterdam from authentic shipping rope. The craftsmen at Pig & Hen looked back to their Dutch roots for inspiration. In the 1600's, Dutch sailors sailed the distant seas, conquered feats and discovered new land. Legend has it that they had a tattoo of a pig and a hen on their ankles, and also had both pigs and hens aboard the ship in wooden crates. Hundreds of years later, Pig and Hen was born.


    600 pig and hen ace jewelers -2


    The Pig and Hen collection is made up of a variety of families including Barato Bob,Gorgeous George, Rum Ron and Fat Fred. Every bracelet is hand woven with real shipping rope and has a D hook with a screw as the closure. Pig and Hen is the cool man's take on the classic sailing bracelet.

    You can shop the Pig and Hen bracelets online here, or stop by Ace & Spyer Jewelers to try them on for yourself. 

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