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Ace Jewelers Blog

  • PRESS RELEASE: Hajimemashite - Ace Jewelers is an official dealer of G-Shock Premium!

    Thursday, August 18th, 2016 - Ace Jewelers is proud to be an official dealer of G-Shock Premium, the most exclusive and innovative timepieces from the Japanese watch brand G-Shock. The watches are now available in Amsterdam at Ace & Dik on Van Baerlestraat and online via

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    Casio G-Shock MR-G - now available at Ace Jewelers Amsterdam Casio G-Shock MR-G - now available at Ace Jewelers Amsterdam


    Download: HiRes LoRes . Photo by Ace Photo Studio.

    Ace & G-Shock

    During the 2016 edition of Salon 0024, Ace Jewelers and G-Shock sealed their partnership. Ace Jewelers is now an official retailer of the G-Shock Premium collection. G-Shock Premium is currently available exclusively in Amsterdam at Ace & Dik Jewelers on Van Baerlestraat 46, and in the online eBoutique

    G-Shock Premium

    G-Shock was introduced in 1983 as a result of the quest for the ultimate in shock-resistant watches. Since then it has become an icon of technical ingenuity and robustness. Over the years, there has been a great range of colors, designs and features, but the most special and exclusive models are always reserved for the exclusive G-Shock Premium collection.

    Within the Premium collection, MR-G and MT-G stand out for their stylish designs, high quality materials and cutting-edge technology. The use of titanium and/or steel combined with the extremely high quality finish, provide a stylish look without losing the distinctive functionality and ergonomics of the G-Shock brand.

    The Masters of G collection includes Mudmaster, the Gravitymaster and the Gulfmaster. The typical G-Shock combination of technical ingenuity, design and ease of use is magnified by these models; each of the models has its own strengths and intended audience - on land, at sea or in the air.

    Alon Ben Joseph, CEO of Ace & Dik says: "As a child I started wearing Swatch and G-Shock. I have  always been both a fan and a collector. Recently my father and I had the chance to visit the G-Shock Premium Production Line in Japan; it was an incredibly impressive experience. Since then, my appreciation for G-Shock watchmaking factory only increased. Although Switzerland is a big name in the field of watches and we are proud dealers of some lovely Swiss brands, the world is bigger than that. We show this love to our customers by carrying brands such as Nomos (Germany), Bremont (England) and Pequignet (France). Japan's G-Shock Premium reflects another adventure on our journey through this wonderful world of watches. "

    Casio G-Shock MTG - now available at Ace Jewelers Amsterdam Casio G-Shock MTG - now available at Ace Jewelers Amsterdam


    Download: HiRes LoRes . Photo by Ace Photo Studio.

    Ace Jewelers 

    The Ace Jewelers Group is owned and run by the Ben Joseph Family and consists of two physical boutiques and an international eBoutique. The boutiques, Ace & Dik Jewelers and Ace & Spyer Jewelers, are located in the center of Amsterdam in The Netherlands. Both have an extensive collection of high-end jewelry and watch brands, such as IWC, Messika, Bulgari, Omega and Parmigiani Fleurier being proudly displayed. In 2008 Ace Jewelers launched the eBoutique which turned Ace into a pioneering omni-channel retailer. Ace Jewelers won the 2015 and 2016 Dutch eCommerce award for best eBoutique in its class.

    Casio G-Shock Gravitymaster - now available at Ace Jewelers Amsterdam Casio G-Shock Gravitymaster - now available at Ace Jewelers Amsterdam


    Download: HiRes LoRes . Photo by Ace Photo Studio.

    For more information in text and/or (hires) images about the brand and/or Ace Jewelers, please contact: Dale Vito Boom, Ace Jewelers,

  • One tough watch: G-Shock MT-G in store at Ace & Dik

    The G-Shock MT-G is one tough watch. The shock resistant watch is tried and tested by G-shock by dropping it out a window from the third floor onto the ground. With barely a scratch, you know that this watch is going to be there for you through the most adventurous activities.


    600 casio newsletter-1


    The MT-G has GPS to help signal which time zone you are in, in addition to adjusting to Summer and Winter times. The watch receives time calibration signals to keep the time accurate. The easy to read watch has 40 time zones and 27 cities for easy legibility. The watch is pre-programmed to 2099 for a full calendar. The battery for the watch is solar powered and lasts 7 months on a full charge without any exposure to light, so you will not have to worry about replacing the battery.

    Does the MT-G sound like the kind of watch to withstand your toughest adventures? Order it directly online now!

  • Stack them up loud and proud: Ace collection Bangles


    600 ace bangles


    Jewelry is my favorite way to accessorize, and there is no better way to do it than with Ace Collection bangles. Available in pink, yellow or white gold, we have bangles to match your entire jewelry collection. Available in a variety of forms such as oval and rectangle, you are sure to find a bangle that compliments your favorite watch. The Ace collection bangles are also available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. The easy to wear bangle has a hinge and a hidden clasp to easily put on and off. Trending now is to stack up and layer all your favorite pieces of jewelry into one cohesive look.

    Do you think one of the Ace Collection bangles would complete your #ArmParty? Shop the entire collection online now!

  • Ace Local Hero: Buy one, get one half off at Gout Deli Boutique

    We love supporting new and local businesses in Amsterdam. In May of this year, Gout Deli Boutique opened their doors for the first time. The fresh and healthy salads, sandwiches and juices are delicious enough to satisfy all cravings. Paul Koster became business partners with his sister Judith Koster to fill the gap in the Amsterdam market for delicious, easy, and healthy food to have on the go.


    600 Gout Store B 4


    "We opened Gout Deli Boutique because there was nothing else like it in Amsterdam. Other places freeze their food and it loses its flavor. We make all of our salads and sandwiches fresh daily, as well as our cold pressed juices. Gout in French means tasty, so we really stay true to our name." Paul Koster.


    600 Gout Paul Judith 1


    We admire Paul and Judith's family business and how they strive to make quality and fresh food easy and accessible for Amsterdammers. In honor of being our local hero, Gout Deli Boutique is offering all customers of Ace Jewelers a very incentive offer: Buy one, get one half off on all sandwiches, salads and Gout cold pressed juices. Just show the Ace Newsletter to the cashier when paying. Gout is open every single day of the week, just like our boutiques Ace & Dik and Ace & Spyer.

    Gout Deli Boutique
    Eerst van der Helstraat 31
    Monday-Sunday 8.00-20.00 hours

    Stay tuned for more offers!

  • Ace Summer Must-Haves: Djula Sunburst Necklace

    Parisian jewelry line Djula is always at the height of fashion trends while maintaining all things luxury in the materials. This white gold necklace features 0.34 carats of bright white diamonds in a sunburst design.


    Djula Starburst Necklace Ace Jewelers Amsterdam-1


    People always say that fashion repeats itself. The sunburst motif was very popular in brooches from as early as the 19th century, and continuing until the Art Deco design period in the early 20th century. Djula has updated this classic design element by using varying sized diamonds, and extra sharp edges on all points of the sunburst. This fashion forward necklace is easy to wear daily and to mix and match with the rest of your diamond jewelry.

    Do you think that this Djula Sunburst Necklace would complete your jewelry collection? Order it directly online now!

  • Baume & Mercier Petite Promesse coming soon to Ace Jewelers!

    New from Basel World 2016, the Petite Promesse from Baume & Mercier is fashion forward timepiece and does not slack on luxury. The stylish watch is set with diamonds around the bezel and has a beautiful mother of pearl dial with diamond hour markers. The best part about the Petite Promesse is that it doubles as a piece of jewelry with the luxe materials and fun color palette. This Baume & Mercier really ticks all the boxes if you ask me. The brand new Baume & Mercier stunner will be available in September, giving all of us something to look forward to after Summer.


    Baume & Mercier Petite Promesse


    The unobtrusive size is a mere 22mm. The double wrap around bracelet is right on trend with the ever so popular stacking bangles and delicate layer bracelets. The Petite Promesse is available to purchase with a cerulean blue, orange or steel bracelet. Every watch comes with an additional black calfskin strap that will match just about anything. Additional colors are also available such as purple, red and white. Also included with every watch is a chic orange calfskin clutch. With the Petite Promesse, Baume & Mercier has your accessories covered for your next day out.

    The Petite Promesse will be ready for shipping in September 2016; pre-order yours directly online now!

  • It's Speedy Tuesday! Inside Omega's Silver Snoopy Award

    Omega has a rich history in watchmaking. The success of the Swiss watchmaking company has been tried and tested by NASA through space expeditions. After seeing the Omega Speedmaster Apollo 13 Silver Snoopy limited edition (sorry, long sold out!), I wanted to learn more about Snoopy’s role in NASA.


    Peanuts Comic Strip printed in newspapers the week of March 10th, 1969.


    Almost everyone knows who Snoopy is, the cute cartoon dog and best friend of Charlie Brown. In the 1960’s, the worlds obsession with the space program was prominent. That didn’t exclude Snoopy. The Peanuts Comic Strip featured Snoopy on his own Space excursions. Prior to the first lunar landing Apollo 11, they needed a dress rehearsal to ‘snoop around’ the moon to find a landing spot. The Apollo 10 module was named Charlie Brown, and Snoopy and Charlie Brown became the official mascots of the excursion. Snoopy served as the ‘Watch Dog’ to ensure safety on all lunar missions. Since 1969, NASA has awarded individuals and companies contributing to the safety of lunar missions.


    Omega Speedmaster Apollo 13 Silver Snoopy Award 45 Year Anniversary Omega Speedmaster Apollo 13 Silver Snoopy Award 45 Year Anniversary


    The Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch ended up saving the lives of three astronauts aboard the Apollo 13 when one of the oxygen tanks exploded, leaving the spacecraft to orbit the moon without landing before returning to work. Apollo 13 was meant to be the third excursion to the moon. The spacecraft was forced to conserve energy, and the Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch was the sole timing instrument to time the imperative 14 second maneuver which allowed the aircraft to reenter the Earth's atmosphere safely. The watch featured a hand-wound movement. A self-winding movement would not work in space because the watch relies on gravity to power the watch.




    In 1970, NASA awarded Omega the coveted Snoopy Award to recognize the achievements of the Swiss watch company had in the space program. The award includes a silver pin of Snoopy wearing a spacesuit and helmet, in addition to a certificate signed by the three astronauts aboard the spaceship.Now decades later, we the Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch is one of the most popular watches from Omega. Omega released the Silver Snoopy special edition edition to commemorate their great achievements in watchmaking history, and is one of the most sought after Speedmaster for collectors. 

    The Snoopy is long sold out but luckily, the Speedmaster Professional Moonwatches are still available and you can shop the entire collection online here!

    Images courtesy of Ace Photo Studio and Nate Sanders Auctions.

  • Exclusively at Ace: Art meets Jewelry with Nanis

    Laura Bicego is the mastermind behind Nanis Jewelry. The stunning high karat gold jewelry is one of our favorite newest brands to join the Ace Jewelers Collections exclusively in Amsterdam. Striking, powerful, transforming, beautiful are just a few words that come to mind when describing the concepts that come out of the Bicego herself. Probably my favorite thing about the jewelry from Nanis, is that there is a story to be told behind every collection. Each collection was inspired by a different theme. The cultured jewelry also has some underlying inspiration with some of the most important painters such as M.C. Escher, Matisse and Monet. 


    nanis cachemire art blog post


    The Cachemire Collection has a simple, curved teardrop form and is based on repetition. The tessellating forms fit together just like one of M.C. Escher’s drawings. Both beautiful and tantalizing, and set with diamonds- but only where necessary. The forms were inspired by the harvest of cashmere wool, the pieces are snug and fit together, and then hand-engraved with specially made stakers to get the beautiful brushed texture. The texture done on the gold isn’t shiny or matte. The gold simply glows. The pave diamonds add extra thoughtful consideration on the placement in the collection. In most 'basic' pieces of jewelry, the clasp is not considered whatsoever. With Nanis, she uses the diamonds sparingly, but always in the right places, even if it makes the clasp the center of attention.


    Nanis Cachemire bracelet


    The Lagoon Collection is not to be taken too seriously. The organic and playful golden forms are bulbous and rough. They are finished beautifully with the hand-engraved texture Nanis is known for.The Lagoon collection was inspired by the lagoons in Venice, close to Laura Bicego's design studio in Italy. The whimsical organization of the forms is like the Lagoon gauche and paper cut piece by Matisse, the collection is boisterous, lively and pleasant.


    nanis lagoon art blog post


    The dancing in the rain collection is  a combination of varying sized “rain drops” juxtaposed between materials. The color palette for the collection is as if Nanis picked it directly from the painting, The Seine in the Rain by Monet. The The delicate chain is like rain gushing down from the sky. The aquamarine is offset by glimmering diamonds to give you that extra bit of sparkle in your eye even when you don’t like the rain.


    Nanis Dancing in the Rain 1


    The Ipanema Collection is like finding a hidden treasure while stranded alone on the beach. Dazzling and full of life just waiting to be discovered- the exquisite details of the jewels are not to go unnoticed. The hand engraved detailing on the little gold pebbles resemble the marks left on the rocks as the waves go crashing into them, just before a storm rolls in. The designs are unexpected and far from boring. This bracelet features a color palette of gemstones similar to the painting The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Katsushika Hokusai. The woodblock print by the Japanese artist has a beautiful white texture from the end of the wave, very similar to the texture used on the golden pods in the bracelet. The labradorite stones glimmer from a dark blue/grey to blue as crystal clear as the Mediterraan Sea. The sporadic diamonds are like when the sun glimmers off the gentle waves in the ocean.


    nanis ipanema art blog post


    Have you fallen in love with the story and inspiration behind the work of Nanis? Stop by Ace & Dik Jewelers to try on the high karat jewels exclusively in Amsterdam. Checkout the entire Nanis collection online here!

    Images courtesy of Nanis, Tate Modern, Saatchi Gallery, Cornell University, and The British Museum.

  • Meira T. Jewelry is now sold exclusively at Ace Jewelers in the Netherlands!

    Meira T. is our newest addition to the Ace Jewelers jewelry collection. Meira T.'s jewelry designs are at the forefront of fashion, edgy and chic. 14 karat gold, pave diamonds and semiprecious gemstones are brought to you at an accessible price point. The gemstones are roughly cut and sliced into organic forms, making every Meira T. jewel original. We are proud to be selling Meira T. exclusively in the Netherlands.


    600 meira t gemstone diamond rings ace jewelers-1


    The delicate nature of the jewelry makes it easy to layer up and stack them high. The candy colored gems are easy to mix and match with all of your other gold rings as well. There are little tricks that the designer uses when keeping all of the pieces accessible. Firstly, the jewelry is using 14 karat gold rather than 18 karat gold. Don't think that this is necessarily a bad thing. 18 karat gold is actually a much softer material than 14 karat. One is less likely to damage and scratch 14 karat gold. The lightweight materials make Meira T. perfect for effortless, everyday wear.

    Do you want to see more from the Meira T. collection? Stop by Ace & Dik Jewelers today to try it on, or shop directly online here.

  • Ace Jewelers Local Hero: Buy one, get one free at the Koffie Salon!

    The Koffie Salon is one of the most popular coffeehouses to open in recent years. The business seems to be booming with new locations opening up almost every year. Diederik Habbema is our newest local hero. He is the owner of the Koffie Salon and makes sure that the coffee is hot, fresh and delicious.


    600 de koffie salon


    “The key to having a successful coffee business is location. It is important to have a good location so that people can drop in. After winning Amsterdam’s top coffee multiple times, word spread about our coffee and treats, the more our business grew. We now have six locations across Amsterdam since we opened 6 years ago.” Said Diederik.


    600 de koffie salon 1


    One of our favorite Koffie Salon’s is located just a five-minute walk from our boutique, Ace & Spyer. The Koffie Salon is open seven days a week, just like Ace & Spyer. In honor of being our Local Hero, the Koffie Salon is offering buy one get one free with every coffee purchase (offer valid until August 15th). Just show the #AceUpdates newsletter to the cashier when ordering. Sound like a good deal? Grab a friend and check out our newest collection of jewelry and watches at Ace & Spyer, and then head over to the Koffie Salon on Spuistraat for a fun Summer afternoon out!

    De Koffie Salon
    Spuistraat 281
    1012 VR Amsterdam
    020 820 4489
    Monday- Sunday 07.00-19.00 hours

    Stay tuned for more deals and offers!

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