After Sales Service

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Every product that has been sold by Ace Jewelers comes with a two-year waranty from the manufacturer. In case the warranty is not supported internationally by the manufacturer, Ace Jewelers Group will process your warranty case.

In case you have a problem with a product your purchased from Ace Jewelers, please report the problem and we will advise you how we can solve the problem as fast as possible.

Ace Jewelers does her utmost best to meet your expectations. Should you not be 100% satisfied with our products and/or service you can follow these steps.

1. Please send your complaint by mail to the following address:

Ace Online B.V.
Attn.: After Sales Service
Van Baerlestraat 46
The Netherlands

You can also contact us by e-mail: contact

2. When we have received your complaint we will contact you within 14 days and will try to resolve your complaint as good as possible.

Ace Jewelers does her utmost best to ensure that each customer is pleased with his or her order. If you are not satisfied with our product(s), you get the possibility to return the product within 14 days. Starting on the day after receipt of the product(s) ordered by or on behalf of the consumer.

When returning a product, a copy of the invoice is required. Products that have been returned without a copy of the invoice are not accepted.

Due too hygiene reasons, earrings cannot be returned. Product that are personalized cannot be returned either.

Damaged product must be reported within two business days after receipt of the order.

You have three options to contact Ace for a return shipment or a complaint. On business days, you can contact us by clicking on LIVE CHAT in our eBoutique.

The second option is to call one of our colleagues at +31203031900.

Final option is that you send us an e-mail to: We will reply within 24 hours during office hours.

Ace will give you a unique RMA number to ensure your return shipment will be handled as soon as possible.

Please read the General Conditions for further information on returning items.

Please note: Returning products are only accepted by us if these have been announced in advance and if the shipment costs have been entirely paid for by the customer.

Ace means that you deliver the best quality and always try to ecxel in what you do. At the Ace Jewelers Group we not only attempt to assist you with good advice when attaining your jewelry, we also help you after your purchase. The After-Sales Service is of great importance to us. You are welcome in our boutiques for questions about and maintenance for your jewelry and watches. We have goldsmiths and watchmakers at your service; however, we also work together with the work shops of the brands present in our boutiques. We offer a 1 year guarantee, or longer, on the maintenance we carried out.

Everything in life need maintenance and care, this is the same for your jewelry and watches. It is advised to let your jewelry be cleaned and maintained once a year by a professional jeweler. Your watches need maintenance too; this maintenance is not only for mechanical movements but also for quartz movements. We can also make official appraisal reports for insurance reasons.

For insurance reasons we look after the appraisals of your jewels and watches. Your jewels are, in case of fire or burglary, normally spoken co-insured for up to EUR 2,500. You must then show that the articles in your possession were and what you paid for them. This is already quite a hassle. Furthermore, the value of your possessions might be questioned and in doubt all cases of compensation are not sufficient to be able to buy new jewels. It is also important to consider the fact that you might have forgotten to mention one of your valuable jewels and you realize later that that golden broche or that beautiful pearl ring has been completely overlooked and therefore has not been given up at damage declaration. It is impossible to claim money for an article if you are too late. In possession of a taxation report you will not be able to forget anything when declaring the damage and the compensational amount of money will not be doubted and you will be fully reimbursed.

At Ace an appraisal report is always provided in duplicate, because a copy will be sent to the insurance company for approval. This copy is stamped as "seen and approved" and returned to you. At that moment you are protected from problems in case of possible damage. In addition it is advantageous for you to directly know if the total value of EUR 2,500 is not exceeded, because then you must conclude another appropriate insurance which covers higher amounts. The advantage of a separate, additional insurance is, moreover, that your jewels are also insured at damage, loss or robbery outside of your home. Finally, it is important that you let your appraisals be done by a skilled jeweler/appraiser. It will cost you less when the rapport meets the requirements and is immediately approved. You can contact us for an estimation of the value of the jewels you wish to appraise.