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SwissKubik Leather Black

Reference SK01CV003
Brand SwissKubik
Material Aluminium
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The SwissKubik watch winder has been specially designed for storing and rewinding all automatic watches. The standard SwissKubik watch winder is a cube measuring 10 centimeters (3.937 inches). It guarantees a set number of rotations per day opposed to a daily operating duration.
Designed and produced in Geneva, the birthplace of high-quality Swiss watch-making. Your SwissKubik watch winder is made from the finest materials such as aluminium, leather or precious wood. Its direct mechanical drive together with an electronic board configured for a set number of rotations per day have been manufactured and tested using state-of-the-art technology to obtain high reliability and long service life. Your SwissKubik watch winder is thus guaranteed for 3 years starting from the day of purchase.

With its low energy consumption, the case uses two standard 1.5 V alkaline batteries, which will ensure a continuous operating period of several years in its original configuration.

Reference: SK01.CV003

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